CAO America Monument (Torpedo)


Size-6.2×54 Torpedo



Filler-Nicaragua,Italy,Dominican Republic,USA

Wrapper-Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro and Connecticut Shade Barber Pole

I decide to do this cigar for my first review being thats its Memorial Day weekend and I feel this cigars represents the American theme. Hope you all enjoy this written review so here goes.

Construction was fair I had a crack near the first band which appeared to be significant so I decided to take off first band early and upon doing so cigar was cracked worse then I thought but was still smokeable, hopefully you can see in the pictures below. Cigar was packed solid no soft spots or issues except that big crack.

Pre light draw was loose got some hints of spice and cedar notes.

1st third cigar started off with spice and cedar notes, good amount of smoke with the loose draw. Cigar held on a good ash for about 1 inch before falling off. I did have a small burn issue which I corrected in the beginning.

2nd third spice notes weren’t there as much still got cedar notes but started to pick up a toasted almond note with every exhale and to my surprise I started picking up a chocolate cherry note as the smoke filled my mouth. The crack in the wrapper really didn’t effect the cigar draw as much as it did the burn. Still had to touch up I believe mostlly because of the crack.

Final 3rd was pretty much the same as the 2nd with very little spice but more of the toasted almond and chocolate cherry notes. Once past the crack the burn issue was gone so I,m going to toss that up to the really bad crack. The ash held on about 1 inch thru entire cigar was pretty solid grey/white ash. Draw was perfect and great amount of smoke.

Conclusion cigar starts off with spice and cedar notes about midway turns into less spice with cedar and toasted almond notes and touches of chocolate cherry notes. Burn needed a lot of attention but I draw that up to the huge crack on the maduro wrapper. This is a medium to full body cigar that I really do enjoy smoking.

So with that said I hope you enjoy this review and please leave comments and tell me your thoughts on my very first of what I hope is many reviews. Oh yeah sorry for some reason I couldnt rotate the final two pics not sure why.


12 Responses to “CAO America Monument (Torpedo)”

  1. Very good review. You covered all the areas about the cigar. Straight and to the point. Should you mention price? Keep em coming Mike! What are you going to do next?

  2. Thanks Daryl I realized after posting this I should have put price in the post will do on next review. Stay tuned next review will be Exile Wired.

  3. Hey man, nice first review! I think it was done well, but personally, I do not like the snap picture thing.

    I guess the only other thing would be to widen the review area. I know some people probably still use 800×600 resolution, but they really need to get with the times :)

    I am looking forward to more reviews! Keep em coming :)


    • Thanks mike I do appreciate the support and the feedback as I am new to this i,m not sure how to widen the review or the snapshots if you have any help please email me I am needing all the help I can get. again thanks and tell your supporters.

  4. big poppa pump Says:

    hey gotti i guess u hit it big time lol just me bro like the site u need a lil more info on what type of cigars u have and key the price.

    • thanks bro for checking out,price will be on next review slipped my mind as for all my cigars I’m reviewing one at a time focussing on the cigar I’m reviewing.

  5. Mike –
    Nice review. My palate can pick up nutty flavors, but I can never pinpoint the details such as almond, etc.

    As for the picture widening, I use Windows Live Writer, which is compatible with WordPress. It makes for quick on the fly picture editing and is much more flexible then the WordPress web interface. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Tom appreciate you checking my site out please continue to do so. I will look into your advise as I need the help being new to this.

  6. Kristen Says:

    Looking good baby:) Nice job

  7. Mike –
    Gotta say your off to an awesome start! I really like the way you did the review and I like the pictures – sure they could be bigger or edited or blah blah but I think they an awesome start to things. On my site I use Picasa (the google program) and use the export for getting my size right/adding watermarks. Any other questions feel free to e-mail me.

    Really looking forward to seeing how things take off, I will def keep this in my rotation!

    • David I appreciate the nice comments. I have had alot of great feedback and help from my fellow cigar reviews and I so appreciate them including yourself. I will add a link to your site on mine if you wouldn’t mind doing the same could use all the help. thanks and your sight is awesome.

  8. Nice review. I have tried two sizes so far;, bottle rocket which had terrible draw and the Potomac which had decent draw for the most part but was up and down on the flavor scale. After reading your review, It hink this one would be the perfect size with excellent draw.

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