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Exile Wired (Torpedo)

Posted in Cigar Reviews on June 5, 2010 by MIKE

Brand-Exile Wired

Size-6×52  Shape-Torpedo


Binder-U.S. Connecticut

Filler-Nicaragua(ligero&viso), Dominican Republic(seco)


The exile wired cigar is made with a filler blend of aged Cuban-seed tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic with a U.S Connecticut Broadleaf binder. The Criollo wrapper was cultivated from a Havana seed tobacco at the Oliva family’s farm near Empalme’, Ecuador.

I belive the Exile Wired comes in four sizes and shapes: Rothschild(4 1/2×52);Corona Gorda(5 1/2×44);Torpedo(6×52) and Double Corona(7×52)

Pre light construction this is a very rough-looking cigar,the wrapper had a few very small veins from foot to head of cigar. There was a small crack at the foot about a 1/4″ high from foot. Smell from the foot was that of sweet tobacco and hay. Pre light flavors I got were the sweet tobacco and a dried fruit of some sort I couldn’t put my finger on it. Draw was very loose alittle more loose then I prefer. 

1st third I got some spicy notes and that hint of sweet tobacco but with blowing smoke thru my nasal passage I got a good amount of pepper notes not overwhelming but was there only thru the nose. Draw again was easy and loose there was tons of smoke from this cigar not sure if it had to do with the very loose draw. Burn was good little wavy but nothing that needed correcting.

2nd third the sweet tobacco notes were gone the spice was still there and I started to pick up some woody notes. The pepper got very strong kinda like a black pepper taste. The profile was definitely a medium body smoke. The burn was still very good no corrections at all. Ash held on about 1/2 inch every time before it fell off and the ash was very flaky.

Final third same for the most part as the second spicy with strong pepper and woody notes and every now and then that dried fruit note maybe a dried raisin or apricot really couldn’t put my finger on it. This a strong medium cigar and definite midday smoke not something you would want to start your day off with.

Conclusion the Exile Wired is a strong medium smoke with sweet tobacco,spice,pepper and some sort of dried fruit notes. Good burning cigar and a good price point. Hope you enjoyed this review and please leave comments as always.


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