Illusione Epernay LeMonde by Dion Giolito

6 Responses to “Illusione Epernay LeMonde by Dion Giolito”

  1. Nice video review!

    I don’t think the lighting was too terribly bad at all.

    I can’t wait to see more. The more you do, the more relaxed you are and the easier it is to get them done and posted ;)


    Oh and you may even get to pick up some haters along the way! Maybe some of mine will visit you LOL

    • Thanks mike I owe alot to you guys at Stogie Review for helping get this video up today, again thanks oh by the way you can keep your

  2. Nice review. You seemed relax and presented the cigar very well. You made some great comments which describe what sounds like a fantastic cigar. I have only smoked the 1 you gave me. Keep em coming Mike!

  3. Good review on a good cigar! Great first video review. Hope you keep em comin!

    The lighting is fine… It’s a dude in his garage enjoying/reviewing a cigar. Nothing wrong with that.

    I am not nearly relaxed or easy going in front of the camera as you are. Just do whatever the F you want. Some will like, some won’t. It’s good to have a hater or two. Consider it a compliment should they come here.


  4. Another awesome review, this time an added bonus of a video! As the others have said, the lighting was fine, its the content and I really liked it. Keep them coming, looking forward to the future of your site!

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