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Cohiba Red Dot

Posted in Cigar Reviews on June 11, 2010 by MIKE











Shape-Robusto Fino



Filler-Dominican(Piloto Cubano)


Country-Dominican Republic

Pre Light and Construction: This cigar had a nice sheen to the wrapper, the construction was solid with no blemishes. I did notice a medium size vein running from the cap to about midway down on the cigar. Cigar was packed nicely with no soft spots. I got a smell of sweet tobacco from the wrapper with a hint of spice on the foot. Pre light draw was a bit snug more than I like. I tried to cut a little more off cap but didn’t effect the draw at all was still tight.

1st third: It  was very similar to pre light with notes of that sweet tobacco and a mild spice. Picked up some woody notes after exhaling smoke. The spice notes were more noticable during retrohale then from releasing smoke from my mouth.The draw was still very snug but I was able to get some smoke in my mouth. Burn was perfect with a nice grey and white ash that was tight and held on for a good inch.

2nd third: At this point I started picking up some leather notes and the spice and sweet tobacco were still the main notes as the smoke-filled my mouth. The draw still no change at one point I hate to say it but I pushed my draw poker thru this little cigar but no help. Ash continued to hold on strong and the burn was perfect. I would say this is a medium body smoke.





 Final third: The spice picked up a lot especially on the retrohale, it left a tingling in my nose but not a burning sensation. As my mouth filled with smoke which by the way took a lot to get the smoke because of the draw issue, I got nice woody,leather and that sweet tobacco notes. Like earlier the ash and burn were great no issue’s at all.



Conclusion: The Cohiba Red Dot is a very nice smoke with hints of spice,sweet tobacco,leather and some wood notes. Medium body with a perfect burn and ash. The only negative on this was the rough time I had with the draw. Go out and give this one a try. Hope you enjoyed this review keep the comments coming.



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