Alec Bradley SCR

5 Responses to “Alec Bradley SCR”

  1. Nice review!

    Thanx for the shoutout :)

    I have had 1 or 2 of these and thought they were a little plain. I will have to try a couple more to see if they change with age or not.

    I hate when you snip or punch a cigar and the head cracks! Instead of ripping it off snag some fruit pectin from the grocery store (in the canning section) and just put a tiny bit on there and stick it back down.

    I love my fruit pectin! I got the already made up stuff that you store in the fridge rather than dealing with the powder stuff you have to mix up.

    Keep the reviews flowing :)


    Note to girlfriend – BOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOO LOL

    • Thanks Mike always helping those who are helping me..I fixed the frame issue had width wrong thanks for the heads up on that. I will def. get some of that paste boy not good when binder is in your mouth but thta was a very good smoke.

  2. Good to the point, no BS review. I really like the SCR, but like you, I prefer the Tempus any day. If I may suggest, you may want to consider throwing your logo and site text in the review. Some people will view your vids directly from, or other sources should you decide to distribute to Itunes, Miro, or whatever. That way they know exactly what site you are from. Just a random thought!

    See you on the next review!

    • Tom I agree as soon as I can figure this Power Director out I’ll have some great new features to my videos. I appreciate your support of my site. thanks

  3. Mike,

    It’s all good, I like the videos no matter. Just a random thought. Power Director is pretty versatile. I only do minimal effects, transitions, etc in our videos. It should meet your needs once you get the hang of things. If I can help just yell. You know my email!

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