Caliber 58 Torpedo Rosado













Wrapper-Nicaragua (Rosado)


Today’s review is a first impression of the Caliber 58 by Nestor Miranda. I was gifted these smokes by Miami Cigars. This is a 100% Nicaraguan Puro that was originally created as a house blend of Miami Cigar. The Caliber 58 is available in both Rosado and Oscuro wrappers. These cigars come in boxes of 20 and are only available in robusto and torpedo.

Pre Light: The wrapper on the Caliber 58 was exceptional with no blemishes. It had a reddish-brown color to it and the veins were very small almost un-noticable. Cigar was packed solid with no soft spots. I was picking up a mild scent of sweet tobacco as I sniffed the wrapper and foot of my Caliber 58. The pre light draw was loose and just slightly snug which I prefer. I got lots of a sweet tobacco on the pre light draw as well. I decided to review the cigar in halves as this being a small smoke.

1st Half: On the first half of my Caliber 58 I got lots of the sweet tobacco notes as well as leather notes. When retrohaling the smoke I picked up a cedar note which was very pleasant as it left that wonderful scent in between puffs. The burn was perfect just a crisp perfect line the ash at midway was still the original ash and was strong and a beautiful white ash. The Caliber 58 started off to the midway point as a medium body cigar with lots of smoke.









2nd Half: Into my second half and the ash on this cigar was amazing it held on til 1/2 ” from cap. The sweetness notes were still with this cigar with mild hints of the leather. On the exhale I started picking up notes of a roasted nut and still the cedar notes on the retrohale. As from the start this little smoke had a perfect burn never having to touch up with a sweet burn. The cigar picked up in body as well went from a medium smoke to a more full body.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a smooth full body smoke look no further than the Caliber 58. Packed with sweet tobacco hints of leather, cedar and roasted nuts this cigar is a winner in my book.

2 Responses to “Caliber 58 Torpedo Rosado”

  1. Great review and I am a big fan of Nestor Miranda’s cigars. This one looks great and the price point is very reasonable for such a good smoke.

    • Marc I appreciate you checking out my site and I to am a huge fan of Nestor Miranda and the people at Miami Cigar are top notch check them out.

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