Alec Bradley Tempus

9 Responses to “Alec Bradley Tempus”

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I scheduled my monthly “Cigar site of the month” post two weeks ago. Just thought I’d mention that ;-)

    Glad you reviewed this stick. This may be my favorite cigar. I’ve been smoking them for well over a year and can’t get enough.

    I think the burn issues are common for most criollo cigars. I can live with it, since the flavor overcomes any negative aspects.

    • Tom no thank you for all the support you are a cool ass guy. Oh and I’ll look out for site of month thanks hint hint. Glad you enjoyed review I love that cigar its awesome probablly top five but to be safe said ten.

  2. Yo mike,
    great review. criollo pronounced (cre O yo)

    • Thanks jake the funny part is I knew how to say it just wasnt happening. I appreciate you checking out my site please continue, also I have a nice contest coming up in a few weeks stay tuned.

  3. Nice review Mike. This is definitely a new favorite cigar of mine. Tom is correct about the burning. It is common that Criollo cigars can be a little flaky and may require a touch up or re-light here and there.

  4. Mike enjoyed the reviews I like you’re quick no nonseanse reviews keep up the good work
    ” light em up” Walter

  5. Gravity Says:

    Nice review. I’m going to go grab a few of these right now since you and Tom both speak so highly about them.

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