Diesel Unholy Cocktail














Wrapper-PA Broadleaf


Price-Box of 30-$99.00 Each $3.30

Pre Light- The wrapper on my Diesel was impeccable the sheen was oily and almost mirror like just a beautiful wrapper. No big veins or blemishes solidly packed cigar with a scent of sweet tobacco on the wrapper as well as the foot.









 1st Third- My A.J. Fernandez Diesel started off great with notes of that sweet tobacco that reminded me of a sweet date or raisin. I was picking up some small notes of spice thru my nose. The smoke-filled my mouth and the air, leaving an aroma of sweet tobacco. The draw was loose and the ash was solid with a dark grey ash.

2nd Third- Things were still going great with my Diesel Unholy Cocktail I did have a minor burn issue it started to canoe but it fixed itself and I continued on enjoying this porterhouse of a smoke. I started picking up more of the spice not just thru my nose but in my mouth also started getting an earthy note that came and left every now and then. The sweet tobacco or as i,m relating it to the raisin or date stayed but wasnt as dominate as in the first third. The draw continued to be flawless and just great amount of smoke from this cigar.

Final Third-This cigar picked up intensity starting off full body and going to a strong knockout punch fully body and flavor smoke. The spice picked up a lot leaving my nose with a tingle sensation for some time after smoking this cigar. Sweetness stayed and was very enjoyable as well as the earthy notes. Ash on this cigar only fell off once just past the midway point and not again til I nubbed it. Strong greyish and white ash perfect burn except for beginning.










Conclusion- The Shaq Diesel is a power house cigar made for the full body smoker with lots of sweet tobacco and spice with some notes of earth. Great burning smoke and the ash on this cigar is out of this world you could smoke til end before ash falls off. I relate this cigar to having a steak dinner with a guiness to wash it down you will be full and satisfied. So go out and try the Diesel by A.J. Fernanadez you wont be disappointed and remember ENJOY.

5 Responses to “Diesel Unholy Cocktail”

  1. I really enjoy these a lot. They are a great “bang for the buck” cigar!

  2. This is definitely a winner for A.J. Fernandez. Much to my suprise this cigar took me an hour and a half to two hours to smoke. Perhaps I’m just a slower smoker, but that PA broadleaf wrapper is pretty thick.

  3. Excellent cigar. Rich and very flavorful. One of my current favorites.

  4. I agree completely! Awesome stick, box purchase in my very near future.

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