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La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Tabaqueros Dual Review

Posted in Video Reviews on July 30, 2010 by MIKE

Sorry for the technical issue’s with video we recorded this from Skype and Mike at Stogiereview worked his butt off to get this right. We both are not sure why this happened to video but hope you enjoy it anyway.
Thanks to Stogiereview and Mike for making this video happen.

Rocky Patel 15 Anniversary

Posted in Cigar Reviews on July 28, 2010 by MIKE

Today I was one of the lucky people to get my hands on the not so released Rocky Patel 15 Anniversary cigar. Here are a couple of pictures of the box and the new cigar band. I plan on smoking and enjoying this very soon but as many have not seen this cigar with the band I wanted to post this for all of you.

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Rocky Patel Decade Edicion Limitada

Posted in Cigar Reviews on July 26, 2010 by MIKE












Size-5 1/4×52 




Wrapper-Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro 



Pre Light-My Rocky Patel Decade Edicion Limitada had a very smooth oily sheen to the wrapper which was dark chocolate in color. This cigar had very minimal veins and zero soft spots or blemishes. The smell from the foot was a licorice smell as well on the wrapper. Cold draw was snug and I did use a punch on this smoke. 

1st Third-I picked up a sweet tobacco notes right away as the smoke-filled my mouth, through the retrohale it was all that licorice/anisette note which I have to admit I enjoyed. The ash was solid with a white and grey tone to it. draw was little snug but created no problems as the smooth creamy smoke-filled my mouth. 

2nd Third- Things were still going good with the licorice/anisette thru the nose and sweet tobacco on the tongue. I also started picking up a coffee note here and there but wasnt with every puff. ash remained strong holding on about 1 1/4 before falling off. Burn was good with no attention needed. 












Final ThirdAt this point i started to pick up a mild woody note a side from the continuing coffee and licorice notes with that sweet tobacco lingering around. Cigar need zero attention as far as the burn and ash were concerned just perfect there. Draw filled my mouth each time with a creamy smooth smoke. 












Conclusion- I,m a huge fan of the original Decade one of my favorites and as for the Decade Limitda I was expecting more, not that it’s a bad smoke by no means is it but it doesn’t hold up to the original Decade. It’s a nice smoking cigar with woody,sweet tobacco and coffee notes as well as a licorice/anisette thru the nasal passage. This is a cigar you need not worry about correcting the burn or having a weak ash. It’s a medium body smoke on the low medium side and would I buy again YES but I would have to say for the price point I expected more. So as I always end it remember ENJOY.

Drew Estate Java Maduro

Posted in Cigar Reviews on July 23, 2010 by MIKE















Wrapper-Brazilian Maduro



I have to start off by stating I’m not a fan of any cigars that are infused but I believe that any cigar smoker should try every cigar that they can get their hands on and then make a determination as to whether you will be a fan of that or not. The Java is a collaborative effort between Drew Estate and Rocky Patel.

Pre Light-The Java Maduro had a nicely packed box press with zero blemishes and a nice oily wrapper. Upon further inspection I could not find any soft spots. The smell from the wrapper and the foot was a strong mocha coffee note. The cold draw was tight and may have been because I decide being a box press that I would punch the cigar.

1st Third-Right off the start the minute your lips touches the cap you are hit with strong mocha infused flavors. Pushing the smoke thru my nasal passage I was able to pick a coffee notes. The burn was crisp and clean with a beautiful  white ash and a nice creamy smoke-filled your mouth. All though the cold draw was tight I had no issue with getting a good amount of smoke.

2nd Third-Nothing has changed on my Drew Estate Java cigar all the same notes as the first third were still there and the taste of the mocha remained on the pallet like a bar of chocolate. Burn continued to stay perfect and a nice solid white ash. The coffee notes were strong thru the nasal still and the aroma filled the air with notes of a chocolate cake.











Final Third- No real changes this cigar isnt complex be any means its a straight shooter with lots of mocha and coffee flavors and very nice white ash with a near perfect burn.











Conclusion- The Drew Estate Java is a great beginner cigar for someone new to smoking cigars or someone who likes a infused smoke with their morning coffee. The flavors are strong mocha and coffee that doesn’t leave the pallet. Ash is white and smoke is creamy. I again will say I’m not a fan of infused cigars but I can see where this may be a good smoke for someone. So if your new to the cigar world or like a coffee flavored smoke try the Drew Estate Java and remember ENJOY.


Smoke a JJ 4 JJ

Posted in Cigar Reviews on July 22, 2010 by MIKE

Today is a day to be thankful for family, as most of you know our BOTL Jerry Cruz lost his son from SID 3 years ago and to honor him he ask that we all smoke a Don Pepin Series JJ in his memory. So I ask that if you follow my site that you to with honor Jerry and his Family and enjoy a JJ 4 JJ. Thanks


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