Cigar Contest Giveaway

Congrats to  Jordan you were the lucky number that my girlfriends 6-year-old daughter picked. Please email me your shipping information and I will get these out to you. Thanks to everyone for making my first giveaway a fun and awesome experience.

Ok so here goes my first giveaway/contest. I decided to make this real simple some what along the lines of what the is doing but I,m going to do this just for this month. It’s very simple for everyone who leaves a comment on this post you will be entered into the contest. At the end of one week I will have my girlfriends youngest daughter pick a number and that person wins the following cigars it’s that simple.


1-Oliva Series V

1-My Father

1-Illusione f9

1-Exile Wired

1-Bolivar Confradia

1-Alec Bradley Tempus

1-Man O War Ruination

1-Don Pepin Garcia JJ Maduro

1-Padilla Cazadores

1-Alec Bradley 1997 Harvest Selection Habano

All cigars I paid for right out of my personal humidor. Good luck to all and thank you for entering.

38 Responses to “Cigar Contest Giveaway”

  1. This is a great way to get new readers to your blog. I follow you on Twitter but I never clicked on your webpage link.

  2. Very cool of you to give those away!

  3. Very nice of you to do this Mike. Continued good luck with the site. Looking forward to your next review.

  4. Twitter follower and rss feed subscriber. Good job ! Amazing package !

  5. Chuck Koby Says:

    I am enjoying your cigar blog. Keep up the good work!

  6. sounds right tasty. Good idea!

  7. Great site Mike and I have been a regular reader of your reviews since you first started out with this site. You are off to a great start and I enjoy your comments on what ou fine great or not so great about the cigar that you are review.

  8. Very nice prize package you’re giving away there. Hope this helps you attract lots of new readers!

  9. Great giveaway, I’d like to be entered!


    sweetmelbelle31@yahoo dot com

  10. mambo101 Says:

    Enter me pleeez. Thanks.

  11. matt maronna Says:

    nice site you have here mike with a nice prize package, found your site through tom of

  12. Keith1911 Says:

    Cool contest & nice pirze pack!

  13. Sweet, great contest. Thanks for the generosity.

  14. Cool contest, nice selection!

  15. CAOFanatic/Jerry Kontur Says:

    Nice contest! Very generous.

  16. Looking forward to more reviews. Great contest.

  17. Nice site. Keep up the great reviews. Found you thru Toms cigar site.

  18. Swede214 Says:

    Hope my number is pulled, enjoy your ”site” so far.

  19. Gary V. Says:

    You’re a bigger man then I, to be giving those away. If you really want to get rid of them I guess I’ll take them. But seriously great site and keep up the great reviews.

  20. WOW! Those are some nice cigars. Good luck with the sight Mike.

  21. Yep, sign me up mike.

  22. Daryl Ives Says:

    A fine addition to any humidor

  23. Great selection there! And your site is off to a great start!

  24. kekoa kai Says:

    Great prize and great reviews.

  25. Rob from Hanover Says:

    Nice website…

  26. Wow, great selection. This site is starting to grow on me.

  27. BigMike Says:

    Thanks for the contest. Always love the chance to win some stogies. Hope you keep the site going as I have added it to my favorites.

  28. Wow great contest! Please do not enter me in the contest though, let’s give everyone else a chance!

  29. Has it been a week yet? I’m so impatient. I need to fire up a stick and relax!

  30. Are we there yet? hehe, can’t wait to find out who the lucky one is!

  31. Nice site and a great assortment of sticks there!

  32. Hi Mike, thank you for the contest,I’ll be looking at your site again. Swede

  33. Thanks for the great contest brother! That’s a nice selection that you have up for grabs.

  34. Contests are fun, I take great pleasure in giving cigars and stuff away on my site. Best of luck, I’ll keep tuning in. BTW, please don’t count this as an entry, even though the prize is quite drool-worthy!

  35. This is a great giveaway and I would love to win!

  36. Good luck with your first give away.

  37. Great selection of cigars for the contest!

  38. Got the email today, and boy, was I a tad giddy to win such nice sticks. Thanks Mike!

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