Camacho Liberty 2009

Music by Michael Buble “Sway”

11 Responses to “Camacho Liberty 2009”

  1. Rob from Hanover Says:

    Mike… I dig the new video tricks!

    • Glad you like Rob, I’m still learning as I go but hope to have pics in the video soon and music thru that. I do appreciate you supporting my site and good luck with the contest its anyones chance.

  2. Mike, the Camacho Liberty 2009 is one of my favorites. My favorite is still the 2005 LIberty, but the 2009 and 2008 aren’t far behind. I enjoyed your review and thanks for the shout out. Much appreciated. Doc

  3. Daryl Ives Says:

    Glad the bike is out.

  4. nice review. Like the detailed info!

  5. Nice review…have to agree excellant cigar but not complex. Keep up the great reviews bro.

  6. As always, a top notch review packed full of info. And you are right about The Doc. He has bailed me out on multiple occasions and asked nothing in return.

  7. Oh, forgot to mention. It looks like didn’t convert this review into .FLV. This basically means it will only play in IE, so anyone on a MAC or Firefox won’t be able to play the vid. No big deal though!

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