My Way of Reviewing Cigars

First off I want to say that although Twitter is a great way to get your new cigar blog out and to meet people with the same interest as you I feel that way to many people take things  that are said on Twitter way to serious. It’s a community of people most with the same interest as you and who have different or the same beliefs as you do none better or worse, I had to get that off my chest.

So David over at the issued a challenge of sorts to all cigar blogs to explain how they go about reviewing their cigars. I looked at it as a way to show people how I do a review and maybe learn a thing or two on how they also do a review and I feel this is what David’s intentions of that challenge was, so here goes nothing.

As with many when I’m doing a first impression which is a cigar that I received maybe at a special event or a cigar that a manufacture just came out with and even a smoke that one of my fellow BOTL gave that I have not tried before I always smoke it right away and do a review as follows. I follow my pre light ritual with checking cigar for soft spots then onto the smell I get from wrapper and the foot. At this point I snip cap and do my cold draw as to see what notes I may pick up and if the draw is tight or loose, from here it’s onto lighting and getting into my first third of the smoke. If it’s a normal size cigar say Robusto and up I always smoke it in thirds(1st,halfway,final). If it’s a small stick then I will smoke it in two halves. Along the way on each third I will note what flavors I’m picking up not only thru my mouth but also thru my nose and the strength of the cigar. The one thing that I do different I believe then most review sites is I don’t drink anything when I’m reviewing a cigar and I know here we go people are going to say how do you cleanse your pallet very simple answer I DONT. Let me explain I believe that when you retrohale a cigar thru your nose that you can and I have picked up different notes at different parts of the cigar hence I don’t cleanse my nasal passage but yet I’m still able to pick up different flavors, and yes I know the nose has a lot different sensors for taste then our mouth but like I said this is my believe. When I’m smoking a cigar not for review purpose yes I drink different things all the time and yes it does in fact change the characteristics of the smoke but when it comes to reviewing cigars I never drink anything.

Ok I’m sure that’s going to raise some eyebrows lol ,when I am doing  a regular review I do let the cigars I’m going to review sit in my humidor for several weeks just to adapt to my humidity. At this time I always smoke three cigars before doing a review and the same procedure as above applies.

So there it is in a small condense version of how I do my cigar reviews and remember no one is 100 percent right on the correct way to prepar for reviewing cigars even though there are some sites that believe their way is the only way.

2 Responses to “My Way of Reviewing Cigars”

  1. Very nice. I’m really enjoying reading all the various methods used when reviewing cigars. Lot’s of food for thought about how I do mine. Thanks!

  2. Mike,
    Thanks for the recognition and for responding to my article. I agree with what “thetabaccophile” wrote on Twitter: this is not about “right” or “wrong” ways to review a cigar. It’s about letting your readers know how you go about reviewing so they can have confidence that you’re not just throwing something against a wall to see if it will stick. It’s about sharing information with others and maybe we all learn a thing or two in the process. Since I started reviewing cigars almost two years ago, I have made many small adjustments and several large ones in the way I go about it, getting to the point where I feel confident and happy with how I do it…but that does not mean I won’t make more changes. If there are great alternative ideas out there, I would be a fool not to listen to them.

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