Nub 464T Connecticut

I want to let all you know I will be back next week with video reviews. I had surgery on my mouth and  I’m unable to smoke all the written reviews this week I have had sitting in my drafts ahead of time. Thanks for your support of this site.


















Prelight-Construction of my Nub 464T Connecticut was excellent the cigar was packed solid with zero blemishes and very tiny veins almost unnoticeable. The smell from the wrapper was that of tobacco and on the foot I picked up a little spice smell. The cold draw was loose with a tad snuggness to it and for me I like it that way.

1st Third-My Nub 464T Connecticut was burning excellent and had a clean solid white ash. I picked up a creamy smooth taste as well as a little bit of a spice thru the retrohale. Nothing really complex on the first third. Draw was flawless with lots of smoke filling my mouth and the room.

2nd Third- The creamy notes continued thru the midway point with that hint of spice thru the nose. I started to pick up some earthy notes at this point as well. The burn was crisp and perfect with the ash continuing to hold on for over an inch and just a well packed white ash. Draw remained perfect for me and the aroma off this cigar was great.













Final Third-This cigar continued on its path of the creamy smooth notes with a touch of spice and more earthy notes at finish. This is a mild smoke great for any beginner. The draw on my Nub was perfect from start to finish and a beautiful white ash. Lots of smoke of such a little cigar.












Conclusion- the Nub 464T Connecticut is an excellent beginner cigar or a perfect cigar for you morning coffee pairing. Lots of smooth creamy notes with a touch of spice on the retrohale and earthy notes after midway til finish. An excellent burning cigar with a rock solid white ash. So go out and try this smoke if you have before revisit it you will love it. Remember as always ENJOY.


6 Responses to “Nub 464T Connecticut”

  1. very nice review. I’m going to have to try the Torpedo when I revisit the NuB line.

  2. Nice review! I’m a fan of these and the Oliva Connie.

  3. Nice job. Agree…..great cigar with the morning coffee. Get well soon. Love the videos.

  4. Hey Mike,
    I agree; the Nub Connecticut is a great morning cigar. Also, to Danny, Oliva Connecticut is similar in blend to the Nub; the Oliva Connecticut Reserve is one of my favorite mild cigars, alongside the H. Uppman Vintage Cameroon, the Angelenos, and the Fonseca Vintage.

  5. nice review, I’m a big fan of the maduro myself. I would suggest it to any cigar lover.
    Get well soon! Not being able to smoke must be a Bitch.

    • Thanks Jake yes not be able to smoke has been hard but I’m back and its great being able to smoke and having my reviews back up for all my loyal supporters such as yourself.

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