Rocky Patel Sungrown

Music by Michael Buble (Sway)

Quick note I spoke with Patrick Vivalo today and as I stated that this size I thought was made for my local shop he informed me it was made for Alliance. I wanted to clear that up and thank you Patrick.

6 Responses to “Rocky Patel Sungrown”

  1. Hey Mike…never had that size of the sun grown…but really love the blend. Think this is one of Rocky’s best. Nice job.

    • Trudog I will say its def. up there on my Rocky Patel favorites I,m still a huge fan of the Decade. I,m glad you enjoyed the review and I do appreciate your support.

  2. Yo mike,
    Props on another great review. I’m a big fan of rocky but i found this stick a little one dimensional. Was wondering if i could ask your opinion on a certain stick. The
    Liga Privada T52 by Drew estate. I’m a bit partial to it myself. If you’ve never burned one i suggest you give them a try. Possibly even make it a REVIEW. hint, hint ;)

    p.s. there is a cool little story about the birth of this cigar on the drewestate website ( ) the site is a little tricky to navigate but it’s worth a look.

    • I haven’t had the Liga Privada T52 in sometime I will have to re-look at that smoke and since you are the first to mention a cigar to review I will do that with in the next few weeks. I can say when I first tried it when it came out I wasn’t like WOW but about six months later I really liked it. Thanks for the support I do appreciate it.

  3. the RP Sungrown sort of got me in to fuller bodied cigars. I had a box, and slowly smoked through them over a period of two years. They age nicely too. Good review!

    • Thanks Tom as always for the support. I really enjoyed that smoke it was full flavored but for me not body. Like I said it didnt give me that kicked my a** feeling like some other full body smokes.

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