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Oliva Series G

Posted in Video Reviews on August 30, 2010 by MIKE

CAO Vision (Joint Review)

Posted in Video Reviews on August 27, 2010 by MIKE

This was a Joint Review with Mike from and I wish to thank all the guys over there for all their support and help. I also wish to note that the single price on this stick doesn’t seem to jive with the box price that’s because the pricing we found for box sale was very discounted.

Ashton VSG Corona Gorda

Posted in Cigar Reviews on August 25, 2010 by MIKE


Size-5 3/4×46

Shape-Corona Gorda




Price-$12.50 (NY)

Today I’m reviewing the Ashton Virgin Sungrown which is made for Ashton by Carlos Fuente Jr. using a 4-5 year aged Dominican tobacco. The wrapper is grown on a private farm in Ecuador owned by the Oliva Family. The wrapper leaf is taken from the highest priming. This cigar I have attempted 4 times on video to review and every time I have lost the video not intentionally but something happens with it, so I decided to just do a written review instead.

Pre Light- My Ashton VSG has a very rustic wrapper with a few medium size veins. The dark rusty wrapper has a nice sheen to it and is packed tightly. The smell from the foot is that of a woody note as well as the wrapper. Cold draw is loose and I pick up a hint of spice.

1st Third-Cigar started off nicely with woody notes and a very nice mild spice tone thru the nasal. Ash is a clean white ash that is solid and the burn is crisp. There is a lot of smoke coming off this cigar leaving the room with a scent of wood.

2nd Third- Things are still going great on my Ashton VSG I am starting to pick up some creamy notes along with the wood. The spice remains mostly on my nose but I do pick up hints of leather here and there. Burn still is perfect with no attention needed. The ash burns solid and is more towards being a light grey. The cigar is a medium body smoke at this point.



Final Third- This cigar is really smoking nicely and burn exceptionally good. My notes remain woody,leather, creamy with spice thru the retrohale and a dry nut in this final third.The smoke is pleasant and isn’t stagnant at all.

Conclusion- My only issue with the cigar and really it isn’t the cigars fault is the price point I pay more in NY but with that said what a great medium body smoke gets a ting full at final third with woody,leather,nutty and spicy notes that s creamy and a well balance cigar. A near perfect burn and a beautiful grey/white ash. Go out and buy this cigar you will enjoy it and if you have smoked it before revisit it. As always remember ENJOY.

Oliveros King Havana

Posted in Video Reviews on August 23, 2010 by MIKE

Revolution 262 Paradigm

Posted in Video Reviews on August 19, 2010 by MIKE

Music By: Michael Buble (Sway)


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