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DukeBazzel (A Local Cigar Shop)

Posted in Rant on August 11, 2010 by MIKE

Today I decided to give you all an insight into a local cigar shop that I really enjoy. The name of the shop is DukeBazzel. Brain Vrooman is the owner of this shop which has two locations in Upstate New York.

The Latham locations is at Latham Farms, Latham, New York 12110 which is soon to be in September the  second Perdomo lounge in the United States per Brian. This shop reminds me of an old english style shop with elegance and ambiance, from the beautiful walk in humidor to the leather chairs and flatscreen t.v. When you walk into either shops you are immediately greeted by Brian or one of his staff with a smile and they are very knowledgable. As you look around your eyes draw you to the clean and professional relaxed look of this shop. Their Rotterdam location at 1550 Altamont Ave Rotterdam, New York 12303 offers the same elegance as their Latham store as for the most part they mirror each other. DukeBazzel offer’s their customers personal lockers to store their finest cigars as well as memberships. On any given day you can walk in and see the cigar enthusiasts enjoying a friendly card game or maybe even chess. DukeBazzel also has a nice pool table for all their customers to use. Brain stated to me that the Rotterdam location is also a Rocky Patel lounge and seeing it myself it’s a perfect lounge to enjoy some cigars and fine conversations.

In my opinion DukeBazzel is a 1st class operation with a very knowledgable staff, its a place to come and relax enjoy cigars,friends, and the belonging of fellow cigar enthusiast. If you ever find yourself in Upstate New York stop by DukeBazzel and say hi to Brian and his staff and be sure to tell him mikesstogies sent you.








Here is a quick Q&A I had with Brain from DukeBazzel…

1. MS-When did you open your first store?

     DB-July 14th,2007

2. MS-What made you want to open a cigar shop?

     DB-It was a dream of mine I was hooked on the mystique and ora of the old-time english movies I used to watch with my grandfather seeing the people sitting around smoking cigars and pipes.

3.MS-Whats with the name of your shop?

    DB-Well I like the feel and look of the old english shops that you see in the movies and both my Rottweilers have english names so I decided to combined the two dog names and there you have it (DukeBazzel).

4.MS-How do you think the new tax will affect business?

    DB-We wont know for at least 9-12 months how it affects us but I have decided to order heavy on product before the deadline.

5.MS-Tell me what set’s you aside from other shops?

    DB-I worry about my shop only, yes we all have common enemies ex:taxes,government issues but I feel we focus hard on customer service and accommodating our customers and providing a great atmosphere.

6.MS-What’s the future hold for DukeBazzel?

    DB-Same thing as now smoking cigars and having fun, and in 10 years training my son to take over.

7.MS-What do you look for in a smoke and Top 5 in no order?

    DB-I look for a medium to full body and full on flavor, Top 5 no order let see…Tatujue J21,Perdomo Habano Maduro,Rocky Patel Renaissance,Padron Anniversary pick one lol and Illusione cg4.

8.MS-Do you see a wide variety in age difference with your clients?

    DB-Yes in both locations we get people from college students to those who are retired.

9.MS-How did you get into smoking cigars?

    DB-Well it goes back to my grandfather I never got to smoke with him but just that mystique of watching the old english movies and everyone had a pipe or cigar in their hand, I was really intrigued.

10.MS-What was the first cigar you ever smoked?


I want to thank Brian and his entire crew for be so kind to me and showing me around please click on DukeBazzel link over in my advertiser’s page to see his website and his hours of operations.


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