Room 101

4 Responses to “Room 101”

  1. Yo Mike, Thanks for another great review. This is definetly one of my go to sticks and you were on the money with this video. I sympathize with that NY tax you talk about, I just picked up some of these in the robusto size for under $7 here in the buckeye state.
    P.S. Great idea for a contest, can’t wait to send you some of this garble between my ears. Keep Pimpin,

    • Jake thanks for the loyal following I do appreciate it. I’ll keep pimpin as long as you keep following it’s people like yourself that keep me doing these videos. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say on that contest while be posted Monday. Thanks brother

  2. Another top notch review. I have nothing constructive to add, but I did enjoy the Room 101.

    Keep the reviews comin!

  3. Seeing the same tax crap here in MT, with the added problem of no one carrying the 101′s. Looking forward to the contest. Great review.

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