Giveaway 5 Pack

Congratulations to Gravity you have won the giveaway. Please email me your address or you can DM it on Twitter @hogman21. Gravity you took my original and just added two words which I liked, to everyone who entered it was very hard there were a lot of great sayings. I appreciate all your support. Thanks

Ok so here it is another giveaway this time I’m trying to make it fun and simple all you have to do is go to the comment on this post and give me a three word phrase I can use at the end of my video reviews. Simple right well it is and please no profanity that’s not me. I will run this for 4-6 weeks and at the end I’ll pick a winner and that phrase will become my phrase, by leaving that comment you have a chance at the smokes pictured here and you give up any rights to that phrase to me. (mentioned that just in case any damn legal issues, lol). Well good luck to all I’m looking forward to your comments.

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22 Responses to “Giveaway 5 Pack”

  1. How about:

    “Keep on puffin”


    “Light em’ up”

  2. Peace out smoky.

  3. Great idea for a contest Mike! Here are a few…

    - You’ve been burnt!
    - Another toasted cigar
    - Another ashed cigar
    - Another cigar ashed
    - Ashes to ashes
    - Keep on Smokin’
    - Keep on burnin’
    - Show me yours
    - Leaves, ashes, smoke

  4. Best line ever

    Stogie Review Rules

    ROFLMAO – I just had to do it man :)

  5. Giggity giggity alright

  6. Not an entry, just want to say nice job and keep up the good work!

  7. “Keep it lit.”

  8. Another burned up!

  9. Nice. A couple of my favs in there. I always enjoy your reviews. You said something to me recently that I appreciate and really if you boil it down in this context you get something like this:

    “Enjoy your smoke”

    Kind of simple but there is a lot more behind the words. At least in my mind.

  10. Heya,

    I was thinking:

    “That’s the smoke!”

    Great idea for a contest.

  11. “burn like mike”

  12. “Keep it Burnin’”

  13. kekoa kai Says:

    Cigars, nothing else!

  14. Stay lit, brothers!

  15. In reference to the music you play – As always ‘Sway with’

  16. Been enjoying your site and the video reviews. Love the banter of the joint video reviews.
    Thanks for hosting the contest. It’s a fun idea.

    “Smoke the best.”

    • Thanks man I do appreciate you and all the people that take time out of their day. Best of luck in the contest and keep watching done really cool joint reviews coming up.

  17. Keep it lit.

  18. Until next time,keep one lit ,kick back ,and enjoy life.

  19. Smoke ‘em, friends.

  20. My sincerest thanks my friend. I am proud that I could be a part of your work here and I will be spreading the word.

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