Revolution 262 Paradigm

Music By: Michael Buble (Sway)

11 Responses to “Revolution 262 Paradigm”

  1. Mike-

    Thanks for taking the time to review our cigar. I’m glad you enjoyed it and would smoke it again. We’ve got a mild blend coming out next month that will be a great counterpart to the Paradigm.


    262 Cigars

    • Clint it was my pleasure I’m looking forward to adding this smoke to my daily smoke it was very enjoyable. I look forward to the new blend you have coming out and trying it. I appreciate you checking out my site and have a great day.

  2. Hey, Mike,
    Thanks for the shout-out. Keith and I try to have new stuff on the Tiki Bar at least 5 days a week at this point, but it usually ends up being 6 days and occasionally there’s the week where I’m playing a workaholic and have 7 days of content.

    We did a dual review of the 262 Paradigm back in May and both of us were left feeling a bit underwhelmed by the cigar, to be honest. To me, it did seem to have a lot of potential and I eventually intend to getting around to trying it again, perhaps in a different vitola. I paid $7.30 at Burns in Chattanooga for the same size you reviewed. I actually meant to getting around to smoking another before now, but you know how it is…there’s always something new out there.

    • David thanks for the comment I really enjoyed this smoke it wasnt complex but really smooth and creamy. Sorry I got the total post in correct I was going off a recent post you had on another site stating at least four days. I do appreciate your friendship and support and keep up the great job.

  3. Hey Mike,
    Excellent review and Very cool website. Will be back for sure to check out your reviews.

    Good Smokin

  4. Mike, great review. Flavor is always improtant to me and I’ll plan to try this but maybe in a smaller vitola as dmjones1009 alluded to.

  5. I spent Saturday afternoon hanging out at Silo Cigars in Knoxville, TN. It just happens that one of their employees, Donovan, is also the local rep for 262 Cigars. He suggested I try either the Toro or Torpedo as both of those displayed the blend better than the robusto. That’s actually the second time I’ve gotten that same advice, so I guess I need to get on the ball and get some of those for a new review! :)

    • Well david what are you waiting for I have to be honest as I always am for a first impressions I was impressed and I have already added this smoke to my collection. Thanks for the support and keep up the great work at TikiBarOnline.

    • What I’m waiting for is a little space to open up in the old humi and for nothing else “new and exciting” to be on the docket for review. I’m a planner and I’ve honestly got the entire month of September’s review spaces already filled and between me and Keith we’re working on October! At this point, I’m thinking of getting a toro or torpedo and plugging it into a “revisit” or “cigar extra” spot in November. Damn! So many cigars and so little time to try them all…much less time to try them again! LOL

  6. Yo Mike, Enjoyed the review. I’ve only heard of this cigar one other time and now i’ll have to put it on the “to try list”. Keep ‘em comin P.S. I thought it was (para-dime) maybe not?

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