CAO Vision (Joint Review)

This was a Joint Review with Mike from and I wish to thank all the guys over there for all their support and help. I also wish to note that the single price on this stick doesn’t seem to jive with the box price that’s because the pricing we found for box sale was very discounted.

2 Responses to “CAO Vision (Joint Review)”

  1. Very cool review, always nice to see these dual reviews. I agree, the price is way over the top for the cigar you get. That’s not to say the Vision is a bad smoke. It is quite nice. But having to pay for the fluff takes the price too high for what you get in my opinion.

  2. Yep, much better turn out ;) But obviously that’s not the point. The point is it was a great review guys. Like Tom pointed out, it’s always great to see joint reviews. That’s my usual preference for cigar reviews, no disrespect to your solo reviews.

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