Quesada Dual Review (Tom&Ed)

12 Responses to “Quesada Dual Review (Tom&Ed)”

  1. Great review guys,I’m def going to smoke one of these sticks.Thanks for the tip Ed I’m going to try it next time.

  2. I have seen these at my B&M but hadn’t tried them yet. I may have to pick up a few next time. If you guys keep reviewing great cigars I’m going to go broke. Heh.

    • Well that’s not the plan for you to go broke just trying to keep everyone informed on what we think of the smokes we review. Thanks and enjoy your smokes.

  3. Glad u guys enjoyed the review. It was a pleasure hanging out with Mike and Ed. Those two guys know their shit. We’ll have to do this again for sure.

    Michael – I can relate. So many great cigars – limited money to buy them.

  4. Great review gentlemen. As I said on Tom’s blog, you guys should definitely do a review again some time. It’s almost like having the best of both worlds!

    • We hope to do this again we all had a great time. Its very good to get guys together and get their different opinions of smoke but on this review we all got the same notes for the most part. Tom and Ed are top notch guys. thanks

  5. Entertaining review guys. I’m impressed, Mike was able to pick out the flavors as well as Ed. Not so easy to do. This cigar just arrived at my local B&M and I picked one up today. Looking forward to trying it. Thanks for the review and recommendation.

    • Thanks Terry for the kind words, Ed is amazing with his pallet and Tom does a great job as well. I think my 20 years of cigar smoking has grown my pallet and it was a honor to work with these two guys.

  6. Great collaboration on this review Mike. I did have a chance to smoke the Quesada last night and I did enjoy its unique flavors. You guys were right on the money. Thanks.

  7. Great review, I am a big fan of both of your sites and this was a nice change of pace for me combining three of my favorite reviewers.

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