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MF Cedros Deluxe

Posted in Cigar Reviews on September 15, 2010 by Red


Rolled in Pepins My Father factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Nicaraguan long filler tobacco with an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado/Criollo wrapper.

Vitola: Robusto 5.25 X 52

Paired with Founders Nemesis 2010

The My father line is one of those cigars that every time I reach for it, I cannot help but get excited. Whenever I find myself smoking through one, I say to myself, ‘’Man, why don’t I smoke more of these!”.  It is definitely one of my all around favorite smokes. So I decided why not make it my first review here for Mikes Stogies.

Now my favorite cigar in this line is the Lancero Vitola, but with only one left i decided to cling on to it and smoke this robusto! There’s just something extra special about the lancero that just makes it hit home every time and gives me everything I want out of the cigar smoking experience, yet is hard to let them go!  So, my next favorite up in the line is the Cedros deluxe, and when they say cedros, let me tell you, they mean it.  This smoke smells nothing short of amazing; from the awesome cedar smell coming from the wrapper, to the initial pepper cedar blasts right of the light up!

The first part of this smoke, like I mentioned, has tons and tons of cedar flavors, with a peppery zing! It does develop quickly and move into a more complex and wide spread array of flavors, but I think the peppery cedar notes are what most smokers are going to notice right up front. Once the smoke starts to develop I did notice that there was a Carmel latte, flavor lingering in the back ground, and trying to push itself out. However it still remained lurking in the background behind the cedar and pepper , that continuously  dominated this cigar until the end. I was able to pick up some dark chocolate and woodsy flavors as well as I got deeper into the smoke. There are several points in this cigar where I was completely wowed! Points where all the flavors of this cigar seem to melt together and merge into one puff and just completely make this cigar one of the most amazing cigar experiences for me. Imagine pepper corn, dipped in chocolate, then somehow added to a latte with carmel syrup, delivered in the form of smoke and BAM! that is what you get!! It reminds me why I smoke cigars to begin with, and how amazing the Pepin family is at blending up  tobacco!

This is a cigar that will always be lingering in my humidor. They are too good to smoke everyday, but when I want something special, and not super rare, this is a great one to reach for! The burn was laser sharp and the ash was a great shade of light grey and hung on tight until it was knocked off. Here are a couple pics of this amazing smoke! And be sure not to let this one pass you by.

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