Cusano Freedom CRA Blend

CRA has a blend for their members and today I look at the Cusano Freedom. I don’t have any information on this cigar as it is blended for CRA. The size is a 6×52 Toro. My Cusano Freedom is a mild to light medium smoke. Check out the video below and see what I thought of the Cusano Freedom.

6 Responses to “Cusano Freedom CRA Blend”

  1. Thumbs up on this review, as well as your ambassadorship. I like the “off the beaten path” feel of this stick.

  2. Mike, I have tried to watch your web site for four times, review starts out and with in 10 seconds it stops, then starts up again, stops, starts, then stops, is this on your end or is it on my end, would like to now, if you can let me now I would appreciate it. Thanks,Swede

    • Its sounds like the video is buffering it could be your pc upload time. try to start video then stop it an dwait a few minutes to give it time to upload. This id the first Ive heard of anyone having a issue. Hope that helps and thanks for the support.

    • Like Mike said, just pause the video and let it go for a while before trying to play it. You will see in the seek bar a different color start coming up, that is the video buffering. Some of these videos get pretty big so your download speed and blip’s upload speed are not always up to the task.

  3. nice review as always. Keep em coming :)

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