E O Brand #21

I was Gifted this E O Brand #21 by Mike F. (@Knightrid) to give it a try to see what I thought. My E O Brand #21 has a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with Nicaragua fillers and Panama/Honduran binder. The E O Brand #21 is a very mild stick,lets see how it goes.

5 Responses to “E O Brand #21”

  1. I agree, not a bad morning budget smoke. I bought a bundle months ago and it fit the bill. As always, nice review. As for the green spot… I can only speculate. To me it literally looks like a little spot of the natural green tobacco leaf color. Maybe during the drying process a spec or two didn’t get dried out? Anyone out there know if I’m way off?

  2. Fine job sir! I always keep a few mild sticks around for certain occasions, Like for some of my sissy ass friends. This talk of green spots reminds me; The candela wrapper has always intrigued me though i have never smoked one. I know camacho, as well as a couple other companies make one. I’m pretty sure they were more prevalent in the past. Anyway, I thought it would make a great review. That is if you can find a genuine candela. Keep up the good work!!

    • jake I will try to find the Illusione new candela stick and review it for you. it may take alittle time but I will do. Thanks for your support it reallyt means a lot to me.

  3. I sneezed on it.

    Actually this stick is around $2 a piece online, not the $4 you mentioned :) Remember, I am a cheap bastard LOL

    Nice review. I liked these also as a fill in smoke during the day. For $2, I think it is a steal.

  4. Great review. Also, thanks Tom for recommending the site on your site of the month post.

    From what I’ve read, the green spots are water spots from the drying/fermentation/whatever else stage that the leaves go through.

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