Guillermo Leon Signature

Today I look at the Guillermo Leon Signature line that was sent to me by Jason Wood at Miami Cigar. The Guillermo Leon Signature has a Ecuadorian Habano (Vuelta Arriba) wrapper and a filler of Peru,DR,Brazil and Nicaragua. The binder is a combination of Cameroon and Dominican Corojo. Stop below and see what I thought of the Guillermo Leon Signature Corona Gorda.

6 Responses to “Guillermo Leon Signature”

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  2. I haven’t had a chance to try any of these sticks yet. As soon as i get a chance i am going to check them out. I tend to like everything i have tried by Guillermo Leon. I have also noted that evey time i smoke on of his cigars the burn is absolutely perfect.

    • Rob I think if you dig his stuff then u r going to love this stick. Thanks for the support.

    • I finally had two of these sticks over the weekend. I went with the belicoso size because I prefer the profile I get with them. I have to say you are right, neither stick was in any way a let down. I paid 10.25 per stick for the belicosos and they were both near flawless construction. The burns were perfect both times as well. I do have to say that the smoke was plentiful and thick and they just had this awesome toast note from the get-go. I got hints of spice here and there and good earthy undertones. Overall I really dug this smoke and I wanted to thank you for doing this review. Looking forward to hearing about more good smokes.

    • Rob it appears we may have similar palates lol. I agree I really like that stick and its one I keep in my humidor. Thanks and I am glad you are enjoying our site.

  3. Yeah, I think we enjoy the same type of smokes. I am also preferential to the larger ring gauges and am more of a full body smoker. I have been trying to venture into some more mild sticks lately because I feel as though you should give everything a try. Im really digging the site though and want to say keep up the good work.

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