E.P. Carrillo Short Run (Guest Review)

So I decided today to have a guest sit in with me and review the E.P. Carrillo Short Run. Everyone say hello to my good friend Daryl. The E.P. Carrillo Short Run has a beautiful Ecuadorian wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder. The filler is a combination of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco. I’m a big fan of E.P. Carrillo and I hope to add the E.P. Carrillo Short Run to my list. Let’s journey and see what we get. Please turn up your volume as we used a desk microphone and the levels were low. Thanks

12 Responses to “E.P. Carrillo Short Run (Guest Review)”

  1. Great review. I love joint reviews! I think it can give 2 perspectives on a cigar that you would otherwise not get.

    Daryl, can you put a bag over that Mike guys head next time? *shudder* LMAO

    Hope to see him on more reviews.

    • Mike as always I look forward to your comments lol not. I to hope that Daryl will sit in more because its great to get another persons perspective and together you may get two different reviews. Thanks as always.

  2. Definitely looking forward to being on another joint review. That was fun.

  3. This is a cigar that has been on my short list for a while but have not gotten around to it yet. Looking forward to lighting one up. Thanks for the review guys….good information.

    • John I’m glad you enjoyed the review. I try to always be honest and give my opinion, everyone may not agree with what I get but it gives you some idea of what to expect. Thanks for the support.

    • Mike, you’re doing great! Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks hearing that is the reason I do it. Not for free shit for the people who appreciate honest opinions.

  4. Thanks for the shout out!

    I always enjoy a review with multiple points of view (otherwise known as a joint review). It can either show how different palates can differ from person to person, or it can confirm the flavor profile of the cigar being reviewed.

    Getting consistent audio with two people in the video can be a bitch. Mike – you have a voice that carries (much like Ed), where Daryl has a quieter, lower mellow tone (much like me). Over all the audio was decent, especially considering you used a table top mic. Good work! Maybe a small cam corder mixer similar to what Jerry from SR users would help you out of Daryl decides to stick around.

    • No thank you for all the support you give me and my site. I value your friendship. Also to hell with those who disagree with you continue to do what you do for the reasons you do it.

  5. Haha I only have a few haters, which is good. It took a long time to get them. I find that often I can reel them back in if I think they mis-understood something I said or whatever. Now every now and then you have that guy who just wants to throw insults. That’s OK too, but I don’t bother trying to reel them back in.

    It’s all about promoting the fine art of cigars and relaxing. That is one thing most of us cigar bloggers have in common!

  6. Hey Mike….catchin up on some of your reviews. You and Daryl work well together . Have been putting off picking up these “short runs”, but after seeing the video I’m gonna have to break down and buy some. Great job…really enjoyed the review…

    • Daryl will be back again for another review we had a great time and you should try that stick it’s very good my friend.

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