Liga Privada T52 by Drew Estate

After a viewer requested me to give them my thoughts on the Liga Privada T52 by Drew Estate I finally found some of these fine smokes.The Liga Privada T52 has a USA Connecticut wrapper with a brazilian binder and Honduras and Nicaraguan filler. The Liga Privada T52 is a dark,oily,toothy cigar that I was very happy to smoke. Check out the full review below.

11 Responses to “Liga Privada T52 by Drew Estate”

  1. Hi Mike, just wanted to say that i only found your site a few weeks ago and have beeen working my way through your video reviews and i am really enjoying your work. I live in the UK so i mostly smoke Cubans but it is nice to hear about smokes that we don’t get over here.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Well Brian I’m glad you have found my site. Well we are different as you get to smoke cubans all the time and we in America don’t lol. I’m glad that you enjoy my site and thank you for the kind words. Look forward to your comments in the future. Enjoy your smokes.

  2. Yo Mike, I’m pretty sure i also made a request a while back for you to review this stick. It was definetly worth the wait on this end too. It’s been a while since i have enjoyed this smoke, mostley because of the price point, and i agree with every point you made on it. One note that i got, which you didn’t mention, is what i equate to a green earthiness. Either way it is awsome that my, and other peoples requests, be taken into consideration. I can’t imagine the work it takes to keep this mess running smooth, but from where i’m sitting you are doing a great job!! Keep up the good work.

    • Jake my apology brother I’ve done so many and try to keep everything straight I thought you requested the candela review. Well let me do right and give you a shout out now for that request on a very damn good smoke my friend. Glad you liked the review and yes the site takes a lot of work but knowing you and the others like my site is what keeps me going. Thanks

  3. no apology necessary mike. i think the lime light burns. lol I requested both. Maybe i should give some one else a chance? Nah!! lol

    • Jake u r to funny my friend besides if you gave someone else a chance would be second best lmao. All joking aside I’m glad you are a loyal follower of my site and someone who I look forward to seeing comments from. Now I’m going to review a candela just waiting on the new illusione candela so don’t give me crap lol. Thanks Jake

  4. another great review. i love the filmstrp effect. This tales the quality of the work up a notch. This is a cigar i never considred mainly because i am not a fan of Drew Estate. After seeing your review i am inclined to give it a try.

  5. Great job as always Mike. I smoked that stick before too and loved it as well.
    Now it has a place in my humi. Keep up the good work

    • Gus glad you enjoyed the review. I agree this is a very nice stick that should be in your humi. Thanks for the kind words it really means a lot because of people like yourself I push on.

  6. Mike…thank you for the shout out brother, but it was prolly Jake that requested the review. Really like the LP’s. Did you like the T52 better than the 9′s? Really enjoy your reviews….keep up the great work bro…

    • Trudog glad to see u r back my man. Yes Jake did mention that I get alittle confused at time but I gave Jake his shout out too. Glad your are back and thanks.

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