Los Blancos Sumatra

Today I took a journey and a first impressions with Los Blancos Sumatra. This cigar has a Indonesia wrapper with a Nicaragua filler. The binder is Honduras and per my conversation with David Blanco the Los Blancos Sumatra was made to be paired with a nice cup of coffee. Check out below and see what I thought of the Los Blancos Sumatra.

6 Responses to “Los Blancos Sumatra”

  1. Another good review. Can’t wait for the green screen. The light you had on in this video behind your right shoulder was somewhat distracting.
    Ignore the haters. They don’t even like themselves.
    Looking forward to the last video you shot outside. I thought it was going up 10/18. Must be 10/25?
    I had the pleasure of being there and watching you lose your composure. It was hilarious.

  2. As always a good review!

    I don’t think your view on not pairing a beverage with a cigar is wrong. If you prefer to enjoy a cigar that way, then why not? My view is, since most of your palate resides in your mouth, washing it off with water (or whatever you choose), can’t hurt. Also I enjoy mixing it up with coffee or scotch, as they can actually add interesting flavors you might otherwise not get.

    Are you going to start using green screen? PowerDirectory has the capability to do that.

    • I agree Tom like I said can’t cleanse my nasal why cleanse my mouth just my opinion. As for the green screen it’s coming working out some bugs I would guess next month should be ready. Thanks my man for all the help you give mikessstogies.

  3. charlieminato Says:

    Good review. Enjoy it as always.

    BTW, the new size is a 6 x 60 – something I knew you enjoy, the Lancero has already come out and is damn good.

    • Thanks Charlie we talked about so much stuff David and I that I must have got them crossed. Thanks for the info and the comment.

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