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13th Floor Foundation Series

Posted in Cigar Reviews on October 25, 2010 by MIKE

Today I’m taking a look at a new cigar to me and the industry, it’s the 13th Floor by Brian White. This cigar is produced by Willy Herrera of El Titan de Bronze. The 13th Floor comes in three sizes and is a medium to full body cigar. So lets dig in and see what we get off my 13th Floor foundation Series.



Wrapper-Ecudorian Sumatra




Pre Light- Construction on my 13th Floor is really nice, no blemishes and the cigar feels tightly packed. The wrapper has a nice almond color to it with hardly any noticeable veins. On the wrapper I’m picking up a barnyard smell but on the foot there is a more noticeable ginger smell. The cold draw I get a nice ginger note. The draw was a little tighter then I like but once I lit the cigar I didn’t have to work at all for smoke.

1st Third- I picked up a ginger spice note which was very pleasant seeing it was a nice fall day and the leaves were falling it almost seem fitting. I started picking up a woody note thru the nasal, I couldn’t narrow it down to the exact wood. The ash held on very nicely at about 3/4  to 1 inch and was a beautiful off white color. Burn started off wavy but corrected itself about 1 1/2 into the cigar.It starts off as a nice medium body smoke with lots of  fresh smoke coming from the cigar.

2nd Third- Here at the midway point the ginger spice has gone away and has turned into a regular spicy component. I have finally narrowed down the wood note to that of a cedar note. The burn has been great and the ash is still holding strong. Smoke fills your mouth with a creamy smooth texture. Still holding a medium body and strength.

Final Third & Conclusion- The final third is very similar to the midway point. Still getting that spicy note and cedar notes. The spice note leaves your tongue and lips if you wet the cap with a nice tingling sensation.  The burn was good on this cigar and to me was a great high medium not really hitting the full mark. Ash was strong and packed nicely with a clean off white ash. If you havent tried the 13th Floor I suggest you go and give it a try it’s not a complex smoke and for price point I would like to have picked up more notes. With that said this is still a very nice smoke and should be tried. So with that in mind remember Enjoy Your Smokes.




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