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Zino Platinum Scepter “Stout”

Posted in Cigar Reviews on November 8, 2010 by MIKE

So thanks to Mike F. today I’m reviewing the Zino Platinum Scepter. This was a gift and a first impression’s for me. Take a peek below and see what I think of the Zino Platinum Scepter.

Shape-Torpedo “Stout”

Country-Dominican Republic

Wrapper-Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade


Filler-Peru/Dominican Republic

Gifted-Mike F.

Pre Light-Construction on the Zino Platinum Scepter was very nice the wrapper had a nice sheen to it and was light in color like a mild rustic color. There was one medium size vein running from the cap to the foot. My Zino Platinum had zero blemishes or soft spots and was very consistent in the feel of it. On the wrapper I picked up just a tobacco note and from the foot had the smell of a barnyard .     

1St Third-The burn started off perfect with a clean and crisp line from the get go. Ash is holding on very well over an inch before falling off. The ash was a dark grey ash with white tones to it. Notes of strong hay and grass were in the background with the main component being an earthy woody core. I have to admit I’m not a fan of the grassy and hay notes which I have gotten before from other smokes. The Zino Platinum Scepter gave off tons of clean fresh smoke and filled the man-cave nicely without that pungent smell.

2nd Third-Still burning great perfect clean and crisp, ash remains solid strong holding on still about inch. The notes of hay and grass have come to the fore front and are over powering. the wood notes are still there and they are a dry wood taste. The earthy note I’m still getting more on the retrohale. So far its a medium body stick.

                   Final Third-What can I say perfect burn, amazing ash. Tasting notes I have to say this cigar isn’t complex by any means. Earthy,dry wood and hay and grass notes. I did however pick up this ginger root note a few times.This Zino Platinum Scepter is a medium body and strength cigar and to me was just an ok stick. I really don’t enjoy a grassy cigar at all and that being from the start to finish made it disappointing for me.  As I say this is my opinion on this cigar you may get something totally different if this fits your flavor profile by all means give it a try if the hay and grassy notes were not so present this would have been a really enjoyable stick. So remember Enjoy Your Smokes.               


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