Well as many of you may know Nosotros by Dion of Illusione and Drew of Drew Estate is no more. They have decided for what ever reason not to make this line anymore. So today I’m reviewing the Nosotros with its Nicaraguan wrapper and filler and Habano Connecticut binder. Check out below and see what I thought of this cigar and if my green screen test failed or passed.



6 Responses to “Nosotros”

  1. Hey Mike, sorry to give you the bad news first but the green screen didn’t work at least for me but its not a bad backround though….
    Once again, great review, you convinced me I ordered a few coronas. As far as the written or video reviews, I personally think that the video reviews are great but we live in a speedy world and I guess people are impatient and want to find out fast if a cigar is worthy or to get your quick opinion about a cigar which I think it would be a good thing for your cause it would save you time….right?

    • Hey gus no bad news my man I already knew before posting it didn’t work but Like I said it’s a work in progress stay tuned I’ll get it running. Glad you liked the review I’m probably going to keep the one written and one video format for know but your input is very appreciated. Glad you bought the smoke u will not be disappointed it’s not a amazing stick but it’s a good stick. Enjoy.

  2. Thank you!!! Mike…just want ya to know that I appreciate the time and effort you put into these reviews. Really enjoy the video’s. I know you’ll get all the kinks worked out. Nice job bro!!!

  3. Yo Mike – I think I have green screen (aka chroma key) figured out in Power Director. Lemme know if I can help. As always, an enjoyable review!

  4. [...] about Nosotros, check out my colleagues: casasfumando, acigarsmoker, stogiereview, nicetightash, mikesstogies. Specs: Country of Origin: Nicaragua Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo Binder: Connecticut Habano Filler: [...]

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