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Carlos Torano Cameroon 1916

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Pre Light-Construction on my Carlos Torano Cameroon 1916 is very rugged with two very large veins running from cap to foot. I’m not sure you can see by the picture. It’s a dark wrapper and it reminds me of a Tootsie roll.There are no blemishes or soft spots and it appears to be packed nicely. I did how ever notice a very small tear at the cap but it doesn’t present itself as being a issue.The smell from the wrapper is a nice sweetness. On the foot I get a anisette note with a ting of sweetness.

1st third-The first third draw remains perfect producing a large amount of dense smoke. I’m picking up a little bit of cedar which probably comes from the fact that this cigar is wrapped in a cedar lining. The anisette note is there in the fore ground along with the sweetness. Thru the nasal I’m picking up some pepper notes.The ash is very dark and holds on for a good inch before falling off. This cigar is starting off as a nice light medium smoke in body and strength.

2nd Third-Midway burn has been going very good with a nice crisp burn line. Ash remains strong and very dark, that sweet anisette note has gone away for the most part and I’m picking up a vanilla taste that is very strong almost reminds me being an infused cigar because it’s that noticeable. The vanilla stays on your pallet long after the smoke has left your mouth. Thru the nasal the pepper remains it’s a white pepper note that’s not over powering. The cedar has gone away and still remains a light medium smoke. I did have a crack appear but caused no alarm as the cigar burned past it.

Final Third and Conclusion-The vanilla note stays at the fore front and is very noticeable, personally I’m not a fan of this note it reminds me to much of being infused even though it’s not an infused stick. The anisette notes has left but the pepper remains thru the nasal. Down in the final third the burn started getting wavy but seemed to correct itself. My Carlos Torano Cameroon 1916 remains a medium body and strength cigar. This is an ok stick for the price point not complex with flavors but if you like a cigar that boast a nice vanilla note at a medium body then this is right up your alley. Go out and give it a try to remember Enjoy Your Smokes.



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