PDR VLR (value line reserve)

 First off I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and remember on that day that family is what is truly important. Today I’m smoking the PDR VLR (value line reserve which was gifted to me by @knightrid on Twitter. This cigar has a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with a Dominican binder and Habano filler. The PDR VLR comes in bundles of 20. Read below and see what I thought of this inexpensive bundle cigar.

Size-6 1/2×52


Wrapper-Connecticut Broadleaf



Origin-Dominican Republic

Pre Light- This cigar is very rough-looking with a few medium size veins. The tip of the torpedo was very crooked I havent seen that in a cigar before, just had to point that out. The tip of the cigar was very spongy as well as a few soft spots near the foot. My wrapper is a very light tan color which is typical with a Connecticut wrapper. Smell of grass and barnyard I’m picking up on the wrapper and the foot. Cold draw is very loose but manageable. On the cold draw notes of that grass and tobacco hit your palate.

1st Third- So far into the beginning of my PDR VLR things are going ok. Notes of a dry wood and a hint of the grass remains in the front of your palate. Thru the nasal I’m picking up some tobacco notes. This cigar is very mild with a really great burn. The ash holds on strong for a good 3/4 of an inch. Draw remains very loose producing lots of smoke.

2nd Third- There are really no changes so far still picking up that dry wood note with a hint of grass. The tobacco note is still there on the retrohale. Still remains a very mild stick with a near perfect burn and solid dark grey ash. I have to admit when I think of a value stick I get a little concern that inexpensive means not a very good stick but surprisingly this cigar is decent.

Final Third&Conclusion- Well just like the beginning no changes a very mild cigar for any novice or anyone who prefers a mild morning stick. Really not complex cigar at all just a dry woody,grassy with tobacco notes. Really good burn that need no attention and the ash holds every time about 3/4 inch before falling off. Ok so I have to be honest if you are looking for an inexpensive cigar or your on a tight budget but want a decent cigar go out and give the PDR VLR a try. Remember Enjoy Your Smokes.


One Response to “PDR VLR (value line reserve)”

  1. Nice review Mike, I think I’ll pass on this one, not even curious to try it… lol

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