Tatuaje “The Face” with guest Tom&Ed

So I was very lucky again to have Tom & Ed from http://www.tomscigars.com and http://www.stpetecigar.com ask me to join them in a review in Ed’s new shop, and of course I said yes. Today we reviewed the Tatuaje” The Face“. So check out the video below and see what the three of us thought of The Face. The video does run close to 25 minutes but it’s well worth it.





17 Responses to “Tatuaje “The Face” with guest Tom&Ed”

  1. Awesome review guys. I love the three personalities/tastes together. Good work :)

  2. Ecellent review,I always enjoy hearing Eds insight on cigars.I have the Face in my humidor waiting to be smoked.After seeing this review tonight might be the night.Again,great job guys

  3. yo mike, once again you got the thumbs up on this end. I’ve seen a few reviews on this stick since its release and must say i am partial to this one. Ed adds something special that the “bigger” sites will never be able to replicate. Thanks again for all your hard work!

    • Jake your support and words mean a lot and this stick is really good give it a try my friend. FYI next Friday video is your request the candela.

  4. That was enjoyable.Great job to Tom, Ed and Mike.

  5. Great review! Its always better to share a cigar with friends, so I think a shared review like you all did on this cigar rocks!

    I was able to acquire a few of these cigars as part of a group buy. I had the first two on Thanksgiving weekend, and I really like the spice and complex flavors.

    • Mark thanks for commenting on this review. Those guys are really great and I consider friends. I really enjoyed this smoke and glad you have tried as well. Thanks a bunch for the support.

  6. I suspect Ed, Mike, and I will do plenty of reviews together in the future. Mike is probably the hardest working cigar blogger out there. Good times!

    • Tom like I said anytime to hang out and do a review with you guys is an honor for me. Thanks for the compliments I try my best to give the loyal viewers a really good honest no bullshit review.

  7. I really enjoyed this joint review. I think having multiple opinions makes the review even more interesting. With the weather so cold up North and the opportunities to enjoy a cigar being far and few between it is nice to have a website to go to so you can at least here about some great smokes. Looking forward to Spring!

  8. I really liked the one I smoked (gifted from the owner of this site). I actually think this is the best monster cigar yet. I do want to smoke a couple more just to make sure but I may have some problems finding them.

    I am really curious how they age.

    If anyone knows where to still find a box throw me an email, tweet, or brick through my window.

  9. Tatuaje Barber Says:

    I agree with you 3 those cigars are fantastic!!!
    Great job fellas

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