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CAO La Traviata Maduro

Posted in Video Reviews on December 31, 2010 by MIKE

So I started my site with a review of a CAO cigar and decided to end the year with a review of the CAO La Traviata Maduro. This cigar has a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with a Cameroon binder and Nicaraguan and Dominican filler. I admit I’m a fan of this cigar without giving away the review. Check it out and see my thoughts. Happy New Year to all.

Winner’s of the MikesStogies Christmas Giveaway

Posted in Giveaway/Contest on December 29, 2010 by MIKE

Well I have to start off by saying thanks to everyone who entered my first Christmas giveaway it was fun and I enjoyed all your memories. The memories really made my christmas happy because my best memory of the holiday was my mom’s last christmas but we never knew it was her last she passed shortly after. The reason it was my best memory because she was so happy to see all her family and just was a breath of sunshine, deep down I believe she knew it was her last. Well again thank all of you I wish I could have given each of you something but maybe as we grow we will have more prizes next year.

Without further ado here are the winners congrats.

1. CAO Grand Prize- Jake for that long ass story lol

2. Sweatshirt and cigar-Daryl

3. Four cigars-Gus

4. Three cigar case and cigars-Matt Maronna

Each winner was randomly picked, please email me your address and I’ll ship these gifts out asap.

La Flor Dominicana Mysterio Oscuro

Posted in Cigar Reviews on December 27, 2010 by MIKE

I decided to review the La Flor Dominicana Mysterio Oscuro that I was gifted as a Christmas present from a good friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Lets take a look and see what I think of the La Flor Dominicana Mysterio Oscuro.



Wrapper-Foot has a Habano,Rest of Cigar has a Oscuro





Pre Light-This cigar has a beautiful dark Oscuro wrapper that just has a sheen that is awesome. The pigtail on the perfecto is a piece of art that I have not seen before on a perfecto. The smell from the wrapper reminds me of a rich soil note and the foot has a nice wood note. Cold draw is snug which tends to happen with this shape. Notes of pepper and wood hit your palate right away.

1st Third-Even though the draw is snug I’m not struggling to get smoke into my mouth. The flavors of that pepper and oak wood hit your palate right away. On the retrohale you pick up more of that sweet pepper then the strong pepper in your mouth. It’s a medium body for me with full flavors. The burn is going perfect and the ash is a really clean white ash.

Midway-I am surprised how smooth and rich this cigar is going into the midway point. It has hit the full strength and flavor but not that over powering full strength. Still picking up that sweet pepper on the retrohale and the oak notes remain in my mouth. I have also picked up some coffee notes that come and go mostly on the background. What more can I say but man this cigar is really enjoyable. The draw has opened up midway and the burn still is perfect.The smell off this cigar is pleasant and has a faint smell of floral.

Final Third & Conclusion-I started to pick up a nice nutty note here in the final third along with that oak and pepper notes. The coffee I picked up has gone away but the sweet pepper remains thru the nasal. ThisĀ  cigar is still rich and smooth with a great full flavor and strength, I never had to touch this up at all just sit back relax and enjoy. The air in my mancave isn’t stale and that to me is a sign of a refreshing cigar experience. I want to thank my friend for giving me this gift set and I have to say to Litto Gomez this is a winner. So if you get the chance go get your hands on this cigar it’s really good. Thanks for the support this year and remember Enjoy Your Smokes.



Tatuaje Brown Label Reserva J21

Posted in Cigar Reviews, Video Reviews on December 24, 2010 by MIKE

The year is just about over what can I say where did the time go. Today I’m reviewing the Tatuaje Brown Label Reserva J21 with a Nicaraguan wrapper and a Nicaraguan filler and binder.  This puro is the third Tatuaje I have reviewed this year so how did it measure up. Look below and see.

MikesStogies Top 10 of 2010

Posted in Cigar Reviews on December 20, 2010 by MIKE

Ok so like most sites out there it’s that time were we all do our top 10 cigars for the year. Now before anyone gets crazy and says what the heck are you thinking in regards to my top 10 just remember this is MY top choices doesn’t mean I,m the ah mighty wizard of oz (lol) just what I smoked this year and this is my rating. So I,ll explain a little how I came to this rating and what I looked for to get this list. Also I didn’t put the size as my favorite because as most of you know I prefer bigger ring gauges.

1. Consistency, was my top rating. Was the cigar the same every time I smoked it.

2. Flavor, was the flavor notes somewhat complex not one-dimensional.

3. Price, was the cigar for my money worth the price regarding the two above.

I kept this very simple but it’s what I gauge my smoking experience on and yet I was unable to get my hands on every new release so I had to be honest and base this top 10 off of what I smoked. I hope you enjoy this and remember Enjoy Your Smokes.

Number 10.

Illusione Singulare

Number 9.

Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial

Number 8.

Guillermo Leon Signature Line

Number 7.

AVO Limited Edition 2010

Number 6.

CAO La Traviata Maduro

Number 5.

Viaje Skull and Bones

Number 4.

La Aurora 107

Number 3.

Liga Privada Dirty Rat

Number 2.

AVO Heritage

Number 1.

Illusione Epernay

Here are some Honorable mentions:

Nestor Miranada Art Deco

Padron 46th Ann.

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

Tatuaje El triunfador

Hope you all enjoyed this Top 10 and remember its just what I liked not all of us will agree.









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