Camacho Candela

On the request of one of my site viewers (Jake) I’m reviewing the Camacho Candela. This cigar has a candela wrapper hence the name candela. The binder and filler are both from Honduras. This is the first candela cigar I’ve smoked in over 20 years so check out below and see what I thought of the Camacho Candela. I want to say thanks toJake for the request.

10 Responses to “Camacho Candela”

  1. Camacho makes some great sticks,I really haven’t smoked one that iI didn’t like.I agree with you,I don’t like that grassy note in cigars.Sounds like I will pass on this one.Hope you get the green background working.

    • Steve I agree 100 percent they make some great sticks but I believe in being honest in what I get for my money and this just isn’t worth it. Thanks for the comments and the support.

  2. I’ve smoked the better part of a box of these in the last 2 years and enjoy them quite a bit. I suppose the candela wrapper is not for everyone, but I find it a refreshing change of pace. Most Candela cigars are mild, but these still pack a punch, although not as much of a punch as the Corojo, it tempers the strength a little. Sorry to hear it wasn’t your cup of tea, that’s the great thing about cigars, there’s something for everyone. By the way, in Pennsylvania I picked up a box of 25 for right around $100.

    • Craig I agree just because thus isn’t a cigar I like I’m sure there are lots of people who like that is why I make a point to say it’s not for me. The price you got is a deal we get killed in NY with taxes. Thanks for the comment.

  3. hey mike, maybe you should have held out for the illusione. lol Never the less i am very grateful you took my request seriously. However, I do see a couple pros to this review; 1: it seems like almost every review i check out is 95% positve, everyone likes to hear other peoples take on a stick to decide if it is for them or not. Yet it is good to know which smokes to steer clear of all together. 2: You smoked it so i didn’t have too!! LOL. As far as keeping the site interesting, I seem to come back because you get to the core of the issue with no fuss involved. Unlike some other sites you have the meat and potatoes instead of the bells and whistles. And you do take the time to interact with your visitors when you don’t have to. One suggestion i have is that once in a while you could put up a “news” post and give your take on it. Thanks for the time. P.S.((i’m not judging a book by its cover, i’m judging a book by Mike))

    • Jake I should have held out you are right lol. That was one of the best comments to date left thank you. As for the news or my take I will take that into consideration as being the sole operator of this site and having a business to run and family makes it hard but I know I need to keep the site growing so maybe next year things will change up. Once again thanks for the kind words they mean more to me then you could imagine.

  4. Eww this cigar sounds horrible. I won’t be smoking any of these, and this review solidifies it. Thanks for the review. You are a better man then me.

    • Hate to beat up a cigar but for me and my money this wasn’t enjoyable at all but I’m sure ther are people who enjoy that flavor profile. Thanks Tom

  5. Quick candela story – during my travels this week I found myself in Orlando, FL with a few minutes to spare which allowed me the opportunity to walk into Corona Cigars. It was my yfirst visit to their shop. As I walked around their impressive shop I came upon their Corona Nicaraguan 10th Anniversary Candela cigars. I sort of hesitated but then I said that if Mike can give a candela a shot, well, so can I. LOL. I grabbed one of the Churchill’s and was looking forward to trying it later that same evening. A mild cigar with a very unique flavor. Sweetness at cap end of the cigar and a sort of ‘grassy’ type flavor, which might sound unappealing but, you know what, not bad at all. While mild smokes are not my main “cup of tea”, I did enjoy it. I will definitely give it another shot when I get the chance. So, that’s my candela story and thanks, Mike, for prompting me to try one. It wasn’t the Camacho Candela but maybe that’s a good thing as it might have turned me off to all candelas. Well, that’s my story. Sorry for the long post. Thanks for your continued good work Mike.

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