Alec Bradley Vice Press 6T4

We take a journey today with one of my favorite cigar guys Alec Bradley and his Vice Press 6t4. This cigar is not the same as his Maxx Vice as some of you may have tried before. The Vice Press 6T4 has a very oily Ecuador wrapper with Honduras binder and a filler combination of Dominican Republic,Honduras,and Nicaragua. I admit without giving away the review I really enjoy this cigar so read below and see what I think.


Shape-Box Press



Filler-Dominican Republic,Honduras,Nicaragua


Pre Light- This cigar is a perfect box press with a very dark rich oily wrapper. One medium size vein which doesn’t appear at first glance that it will pose an issue. A nice sweet tobacco smell from the foot and a barnyard smell comes off the wrapper. The cold draw is a little snug with notes of sweet tobacco.

1st Third- I’m picking up a really nice pepper note thru the nasal not a strong burn pepper but a nice mild pepper. In the front I pick up a mocha or chocolate like note. Mild coffee note hits the back of my palate. The wrapper being so oily is making it hard to keep the cigar going, I did have to touch it up a few times but nothing that made me want to bash this smoke. Ash is holding on over an inch and the draw has opened some more producing lots of fresh smoke.

2nd Third- Body and strength has picked up here at the midway point we went from a medium cigar to a full. The pepper remains thru the nose with a hint of spice as well. The mocha and coffee have made their way to the front and a nice sweetness stays when you let the smoke out slowly. Burn is still going ok with minor touch up needed. I have to tell you like I said in the intro I’m digging this cigar. Ash is a combination of white and grey that doesn’t hold on long at all and tends to be flaky but hey its the flavors that I’m interested in.

Final Third&Conclusion- Not much changes to say except I started picking up a nutty note, all the same components are still there pepper,mocha,coffee and that sweetness. One thing I will say is the cigar seemed to get more creamy the longer it went on. The only thing I can say bad and it’s really not bad is the burn needs some attention I believe because the wrapper is so oily and the ash is flaky. Conclusion this cigar is really good and if you havent tried it get your butts out and do so. As always thanks for taking time out of your day and Enjoy Your Smokes.

4 Responses to “Alec Bradley Vice Press 6T4”

  1. 64 is a bit out of my usual liking but it does sound like an enjoyable smoke. The flip-flop beetween video and written reviews is goin good. I see you’ve been sticking to that pattern and if it works for you it works for me.

    • For now that’s how it’s going but like I said changes are a coming lol. Stay tuned going to have some awesome Christmas giveaways starting next week. Thanks Jake.

  2. Bob Moscow Says:

    Hey Mike! Enjoying your down-home friendly, relaxed reviews way over here in far away frigid Moscow, Russia! Thanks! Gives me a taste of being back home. Can’t wait to get back to PA around X-Mas an try some of these smokes at reasonable prices! Keep up the good work….all the best.

    • Bob I’m very happy you are enjoying my reviews and I like the way you put it down home. Thanks for watching in Russia I’m flattered I have viewers that far. Have a safe trip back home and best of the holidays to you and yours.

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