Alec Bradley Family Blend VR1 (Dual Review)

I adventure out today to Badger Cigar Den in Schuylerville NY along with my friend Daryl to review the Alec Bradley Family Blend. This cigar has a Honduran wrapper with a Indonesian binder and a Honduras and Nicaraguan filler. I had a blast doing this review and I hope you enjoy. So take a look at the Alec Bradley family Blend review and I welcome Nate from as our newest sponsor.

11 Responses to “Alec Bradley Family Blend VR1 (Dual Review)”

  1. Great review guys. If I was still living in my old neck of the woods up in Putnam County, NY I would’ve taken an afternoon sometime and visited with you all at Nate’s shop. Thanks for the review.

    • John,Nate has a great shop and is a great guy as well as a supporter of my site. Maybe someday you may find yourself back in NY stop by his shop you will feel right at home I’m sure if it. Thanks

  2. Nice review guys, I’ll have to give this cigar a second chance. It’s one of the first cigars I ever smoked and it made me sick, but I’ve heard so many good things since about it.

    • Aaron you should always hive a cigar a second chance before killing it off lol. Thanks for the comment and the support.

  3. I enjoyed this simple yet good cigar. They really go well with coffee as well.

    As always, a second opinion is great to have in a review. It wasn’t too long or too short. Nice work, and the shop owner seems like a good guy.

  4. Nice review, I’m definatley a fan of alec bradley but have yet to try this blend. Nice change of pace! Keep’em comin.

  5. Nice review and great video production. Great to see people still taking chances and opening a new business in this economy, especially in New York. 75% sales tax, good lord that’s crazy.

    • Yeah got to hand it to Nate. Hope he does well. Not too many places to smoke close by.

    • This state is very hard on tobacco but this industry is still growing and with Nates knowledge and selection he will be successful. Thanks for all the support.

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