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Illusione Singulare

Posted in Cigar Reviews on December 13, 2010 by MIKE

I got this cigar when I purchased a box of cigars as a free cigar to try, and being a huge fan of the Illusione line of course I just had to review it. So let’s see what I thought of the Illusione Singulare.






This cigar is a limited run cigar only being produced once a year featuring a different size and blend each year.

Pre Light-Construction was near perfect with a very small blemish near the foot of the cigar looked like a very small patch on the wrapper. Cigar has a very nice almost like Tootsie roll appearance on the wrapper. The cigar is packed tightly with no soft spots and very minimal veins. The wrapper is very oily and has a smell of sweet tea. The foot has a very strong tobacco note. Cold draw is perfect little snug reminds me of sucking on a milkshake with that small resistance.

1st Third- Right of the start you pick up a nice spicy note which fades quickly into a sweet tea note. On the retrohale I’m picking up some earthy notes with a very mild hay note in the background. Draw is perfect with lot’s of fresh smoke and the burn as well is perfect.The ash is very strong with a light gray color that holds on about 3/4 of an inch.

2nd Third- I’m still picking up that spicy note here at the midway point mainly in the fore ground. The tea I was picking up on the first third has left. Earth is still there thru the nasal as well as a hint of dry wood. In the background there is a very sweet note that I have yet to narrow down. Well what else can I say the draw remains perfect as well does the burn.

Final Third- This cigar continues to go really good with notes of spice, wood, and I think I have finally nailed that sweet note to honey. Burn has needed no attention for the entire cigar and ash still holds on very strong. draw is perfect and the aroma off this stick is very refreshing not a stale smell.

Conclusion- There is no hiding I’m very partial to the Illusione line ,yes I believe one of Dion’s cigars is my cigar of the year which one you will have to wait for that post. (HaHa) but as you know I believe in being as honest as you can be and if I don’t care for a stick I say it but this one doesn’t fall in that category its well worth the money to me. The Illusion Singulare offers very nice notes and a really enjoyable smoking experience. If you can get your hands on this go out and try to remember Enjoy Your Smokes.



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