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MikesStogies Christmas Giveaway

Posted in Giveaway/Contest on December 15, 2010 by MIKE

So it’s Christmas time and I decided that I wanted to give back to my viewers something nice to say Thank You. Of course I can’t give something to everyone but with the help of Nate from Badger Cigar Den I’m able to give a little more than what I just purchased. So here we go you have a chance to win four different prizes that I feel are really great gifts. Just leave your answers in the comment field of this post noting each prize.

Prize Number 1

Question- Just tell me your most memorable Christmas moment . (Simple right)

Prize Number 2

The next three you will have to work a little but not too much just go to the sponsor part of my website and click the logo for Badger Cigar Den and answer the following question. (Come on it’s not that bad)

Question-Who did Nate apprentice under?

Prize Number 3

Stay on Nate’s site (Badger Cigar Den) and answer this question.

Question-What beverage and game was Nate playing when he decided to open a cigar shop?

Prize Number 4

Last question and you can win some great giveaways. Stay were you are on Badger Cigar Den that’s were the answer’s are.

Question-Name the book and author behind the name of Nate’s shop?

I want to take this time and say thank you to everyone who has helped make MikesStogies what it is and without all of you I could not be here. Best of luck to everyone and remember you could win all prizes above if you enter all of them. I will randomly pick a winner for each one. I wish you and your family the best holidays possible.


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