MikesStogies Christmas Giveaway

So it’s Christmas time and I decided that I wanted to give back to my viewers something nice to say Thank You. Of course I can’t give something to everyone but with the help of Nate from Badger Cigar Den I’m able to give a little more than what I just purchased. So here we go you have a chance to win four different prizes that I feel are really great gifts. Just leave your answers in the comment field of this post noting each prize.

Prize Number 1

Question- Just tell me your most memorable Christmas moment . (Simple right)

Prize Number 2

The next three you will have to work a little but not too much just go to the sponsor part of my website and click the logo for Badger Cigar Den and answer the following question. (Come on it’s not that bad)

Question-Who did Nate apprentice under?

Prize Number 3

Stay on Nate’s site (Badger Cigar Den) and answer this question.

Question-What beverage and game was Nate playing when he decided to open a cigar shop?

Prize Number 4

Last question and you can win some great giveaways. Stay were you are on Badger Cigar Den that’s were the answer’s are.

Question-Name the book and author behind the name of Nate’s shop?

I want to take this time and say thank you to everyone who has helped make MikesStogies what it is and without all of you I could not be here. Best of luck to everyone and remember you could win all prizes above if you enter all of them. I will randomly pick a winner for each one. I wish you and your family the best holidays possible.

16 Responses to “MikesStogies Christmas Giveaway”

  1. matt maronna Says:

    prize 1
    my most memorable christmas moment was my dad getting me a computer, we never really had much but he still seemed to make the cool gifts happen. I’d always thought it was less expensive than it was, it wasn’t until 20 yrs later i found out he scaped up $1000 to get that for me.

  2. matt maronna Says:

    prize 2
    a “mad Kazakhstani”

  3. matt maronna Says:

    prize 3
    coffee and chess
    prize 4
    the Redwall series by Brian Jacques

    didn’t dawn on me to do a singular post I guess it’s still too early, thanks for the contests mike & nate!

  4. Great contest Mike.
    For Prize 1:
    I will never forget that Christmas day about 6 years ago @ Blue Mountain in Canada (ski resort), sitting with my wife outdoors at a cafe and having a hot cup of coffee while it was heavily snowing.
    For Prize 2:
    A mad Kazakhstani
    For prize 3:
    Coffee & Chess
    For Prize 4:
    Redwall series by Brian Jacques

  5. For Prize 1:

    Light one up and sit back, this is kinda long. Maybe a cigarillo long. Just don’t hot-box it.

    About 20 years ago I was at my then-girlfriend’s for Thanksgiving with her and her parents. Their tradition was to chow down and proceed to break out the Christmas decorations. All I wanted was a La-Z-Boy and some football but they insisted I help. Right out of the gate her (500 lb) father decided this was the year I needed to learn the fine art of hanging lights on a 2-story house. The first thought I had was, “How the heck does a man this size get up a ladder to do such a thing,” followed closely by, “Dumbass, he’s not going to; you are.” Perfect. I’m not scared of heights or falling but the sudden stop at the bottom kinda freaks me out. But, as I said, I was at my girlfriend’s and there was no way I wasn’t going to put on my best bravado for her.

    We dug out all the lights and the ladder and her father said, “We usually take this cord and run it down the back of the house and plug it in out by the sauna,” and handed me what I can only guess was at least a 100 ft extension cord. I took the cord and carefully climbed the ladder to the 2nd story. Once I got to the roof I made my way (slowly) up and over the top and to the back side of the house. The cord was bunched up pretty good but didn’t appear to be tangled, so I got a bright idea. I stood on the edge of the house, held one end of the cord and threw the remainder of it as hard as I could towards the sauna in the back yard, expecting it to un-bunch as it went out and down. This was the point I wished I had paid closer attention to the laws of physics while in school.

    The bunch of cord I threw went out about 10 feet and knotted, proceeding to take the part of the cord I held, and myself, over the edge. I can remember thinking, “This is going to hurt like hell,” before I went over. I know I did at least one flip, maybe two, before I landed on my back in the dirt and leaves in the back yard about 2 feet from the concrete patio that surrounded their pool.

    I slowly opened my eyes expecting to see hospital ceiling but saw only sky and the edge of the roof where I once so confidently stood. I moved each limb individually and slowly expecting screaming pain each time but none ever came. Wow. Christmas miracle indeed.

    Once I caught my breath I got up and made my way around the house and back to the front where her dad stood, looking up at the roof. He turned, looked at me, looked at the roof, and back at me. Without so much as a “Why are you covered in leaves and dirt?” or “Are you okay?” he said dryly, “You could have just used the ladder.” to which I shot back just as dryly, “Yeah, but my way was quicker.”

    Prize #2
    A mad Kazakhstani

    Prize #3
    Coffee & Chess

    The Redwall series by Brian Jacques

    Happy Holidays, whichever you choose to observe!

  6. Prize #2 a mad Kazakhsatani,prize #3 coffee and chess, prize#4 Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Thanks Mike.

  7. CAOFanatic/Jerry Kontur Says:

    Prize #1 My most memorable Christmas moment was Christmas 1996; my son just over a year old, took his first steps right in front of the tree.
    Prize #2 A Mad Kazakhstani
    Prize #3 Coffee & Chess
    Prize #4 The Redwall Series: Brian Jacques

    Thanks & Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  8. Great site!!!
    Prize #1:
    Hands down the best Christmas ever for me was the birth of my daughter on Christmas eve.
    Prize #2:
    A Mad Kazakhstani
    Coffee & Chess
    Prize #4:
    The Redwall Series by Brian Jacques

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!

  9. #1-My most memorable christmas moment was when i was about twelve years old. My child hood dog had just died and my mother thought it would be a great idea to have her cremated. So christmas morning i got a little wooden box which i couldn’t get open. Then mom said ” It’s your dog”. By far a very weird moment but very memorable. lol
    #2-The mad Kazakhstani
    #3-coffee and chess
    #4-The Redwall series by Brian Jacques

  10. #1- I am 10 years old, I got a two wheel bicycle,Iwanted that bike so bad, I now know that Mom and Dad did not have a lot of money, but some how Santa left my bike. #2-Kazakhstani #3-Coffee and Chess #4-Redwall Series by Brian Jacques Thanks for the contest, Merry Christmas.

  11. Prize #1- Most memorable Christmas moment- I was 8 years old and my older brother was 11. It was Christmas morning and we were opening our gifts from under the tree. I see one large present with my name on it and start unwrapping it. To my surprise I unwrap a SUPER NINTENDO SYSTEM, complete with games. I was so shocked but exteremly happy. I look at my older brother and he is in total disbelief. Thats when it happened. My dad says, “I put the wrong tag on the box, thats actually your brothers”. Talk about utter disappointment. Of course my older brother being an older brother, played the games all day and made me watch promising me that I would get my chance. Heart broken I tell ya. I got past it and now he, myself and my dad share a cigar every Christmas. Everythings fine unless someone mentions Super Mario Brothers.

    Prize #2- a mad Kazakhstani who was the equivalent of a grand master of cigars.

    Prize #3- drank coffee and played chess

    Prize #4- Redwall series by Brian Jacques

    Great contest,

  12. Prize #1 – Most memorable christmas moment – I was living in Georgia at the time. We went to a friends house for a Xmas party. There was a “real” Santa there who new all our names and a little bit about each of us. This was unnerving since Santa showed up after we had all had quite a few cocktails. No one knew who he was except of course the host. When it came my turn to sit on Santa’s lap I was more than a little embarrased (I was 32 years old at the time and hadn’t sat on Santa’s lap for 25 years). Santa began to tell a tale about me boating in the Ocmulgee River with some friends (and more cocktails). I was pushed off the boat because of something I had said to one of the girls on the boat. Once in the water an alligator started chasing me back to the boat. It is with this story I know present you with a gift Santa said. When I opened my gift in front of everyone it was a coffee mug with the words “gatorbait” inscribed on the side.
    Good times…oh yeah

    Prize #2- a mad Kazakhstani who was the equivalent of a grand master of cigars.

    Prize #3- drank coffee and played chess

    Prize #4- Redwall series by Brian Jacques

  13. Prize 1) Each Christmas that my wife and I have shared with our two children are all memorable. Christmas 2009 was unique, spontaneous and emotional for the four of us. As those of you who have children know your life changes (for the better) once they are born as they are with you every moment (as we wanted them to be) and most of the next 18 years is dedicated to pointing them in the right direction for the rest of their lives. When it is time for them to go to college, especially a college far from home, your life changes once again as the precious moments you once spent together as a family are…….. far and few in between.
    My son was in the midst of finishing his 3rd year at college and my daughter her first two years. After those three years of being so far apart from each other and many times finding the four of us being in different places for extended periods of time, Christmas 2009 was greatly needed as time spent together. We agreed at the last minute to spend Christmas 2009 with my wife’s family in upstate NY and a 20 hour trip from Florida to NY was a great opportunity to spend time together. Enjoying the company of each other once again as we made our drive up to NY a few days before Christmas we encountered a huge snowstorm 12 hours into our trip as we approached Virginia. We finally pulled into a hotel in Richmond once we were not able to see 2 feet in front of us. We enjoyed dinner at a very good Italian restaurant that evening and spent the entire night talking about many things of importance and great necessity. It was similar to how we spent our time together before college life come around. The next morning, with no sleep at all and with the roads in an awful condition, we started our last leg to NY to be with the rest of the family. Christmas was fantastic and we all looked forward to our 20 hour drive back home to Florida to enjoy each other’s company.
    Time flies by and those moments with the family that we sometimes take as granted due to the busy nature of life are the moments you yearn for when they are indeed few and far in between.
    Prize 2) He went to work and apprenticed for a mad Kazakhstani
    Prize 3) They drank coffee and played chess
    Prize 4) The badger characters in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques

  14. Lloyd Ladrillono Says:

    My most memorable Christmas has to be in 2004, the first year I spent Christmas with my wife and daughter. To celebrate the birth of Jesus with my family (we’ve added a son since then) was truly priceless.

  15. Lloyd Ladrillono Says:

    Prize 2: A mad Kazakhstani.

    Prize 3: He was drinking coffee and playing chess.

    Prize 4: The Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

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