Viaje Skull and Bones

Today I,m looking at the Viaje Skull and Bones thanks to Tony C. for the gift. First let me say sorry for the video I had some recording issues and had to work with what I got. The Viaje Skull and Bones has a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper with a Nicaraguan filler and binder. So the green screen is working, now lets see what I think of the Viaje Skull and Bones.

4 Responses to “Viaje Skull and Bones”

  1. Hey Mike,Ive seen a few reviews of this stick and all were positive.I’m going to try and find a couple.I love the band,it goes great with the bad ass santa on the green screen.

  2. props on another good one. I found this on new havana: UPDATE: 10-15-10. Skull and Bones Mystery size SOLD OUT.

    A small batch, premium brand know for it’s quality and complexities – Viaje cigars are Nicaraguan puros.
    Viaje means ‘journey’ in Spanish and these cigars are sure to take you on one.

    The Skull and Bones, introduced in 2010, is a full bodied smoke. Limited to 150 boxes of 25 for the entire production – this is very exclusive.

    Rumored to appear every October in a mystery size, the original shown below was called the Daisy Cutter and was 4 x 54.

  3. Great review, sounds like a smoke that gets better as you go.

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