Winner’s of the MikesStogies Christmas Giveaway

Well I have to start off by saying thanks to everyone who entered my first Christmas giveaway it was fun and I enjoyed all your memories. The memories really made my christmas happy because my best memory of the holiday was my mom’s last christmas but we never knew it was her last she passed shortly after. The reason it was my best memory because she was so happy to see all her family and just was a breath of sunshine, deep down I believe she knew it was her last. Well again thank all of you I wish I could have given each of you something but maybe as we grow we will have more prizes next year.

Without further ado here are the winners congrats.

1. CAO Grand Prize- Jake for that long ass story lol

2. Sweatshirt and cigar-Daryl

3. Four cigars-Gus

4. Three cigar case and cigars-Matt Maronna

Each winner was randomly picked, please email me your address and I’ll ship these gifts out asap.

7 Responses to “Winner’s of the MikesStogies Christmas Giveaway”

  1. matt maronna Says:

    thanks for the contest mike and badger’s cigar den!

  2. Great contest and awesome prizes. Enjoy boys.

  3. Mike,

    Many thanks to you and the folks at Badger’s Cigar Den for this contest! Here’s hoping you, yours, and all the BOTL have a great 2011.

    Was that too long? =P

  4. Congratulations guys. Enjoy. Happy New Year!

  5. Mike, I wish you that 2011 will bring you even more success. Keep up with the great work my friend! Thank you for the contest!

  6. congrats to the winners

    Yea, I am a little behind the times in reading others reviews :p

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