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5 Vegas Gold Maduro

Posted in Cigar Reviews on January 31, 2011 by MIKE

I was gifted this cigar by my good friend Daryl and asked to review, so let’s see what I think of the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro a Cigar International exclusive. It has a Pennsylvania Broad leaf wrapper with Honduran and Nicaraguan long-fillers.



Wrapper-Pennsylvania Broad-leaf

Filler-Honduran/Nicaraguan Long-fillers



Pre Light-This is a very dark and oily toothy wrapper with a solid construction. I found zero blemishes and a perfect triple cap. I was picking up a smell of cocoa off the wrapper with a touch of sweet tobacco on the foot. Cold draw was a tad snug with a nice espresso note.

1st Third-Right away you pick up this very rich tobacco note with hints of espresso and cocoa. On the retrohale I was getting a nice sweetness. Burn on this cigar is perfect clean and crisp. The ash holds on for a good inch and is very dark.

Midway-I notice that this wrapper is very toothy and you can feel the sandpaper likeness to the wrapper. Burn started to get very wavy here at the midway point and needed a lot of attention. Flavors continue to be really great still getting that espresso and cocoa note. I’m picking up a leather note here as well.Still lots of sweetness on the retrohale. My thoughts on the burn issue is that the wrapper is so oily that’s whats making the burn problems.

Final Third-Here the espresso has turned into a nice coffee note not as strong and the cocoa remains still. I’m still getting the leather but started to pick up more of a woody note. The sweet note on the retrohale has turned into a sweet chocolate note.The burn still needs lots of attention and ash holds on very long.

Conclusion-The 5 Vegas Gold Maduro is a great inexpensive stick with tons of flavors and complexity. I don’t usually brag about an inexpensive stick like this but you really need to give this one a try. Ton’s of flavors and just some more attention than normal. Go out and give this stick a try. Remember Enjoy your Smokes.

Acid Kuba Kuba (Stogie Challenge)

Posted in Video Reviews on January 28, 2011 by MIKE

So you may be wondering why is Mike reviewing a infused cigar well my good friend over at issued a challenge and I accepted. So today we review the Acid Kuba Kuba as you all may know this is one of the best selling infused cigars out there. So see what I thought of this cigar and also when you are done here go to Tom’s site because I to issued a challenge and he accepted.

Jaime Garcia – Reserva Especial

Posted in Cigar Reviews on January 26, 2011 by Gus

Size: 5¼ x 52 Robusto

Wrapper: Connectictut Broadleaf

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Nicaraguan

Made in: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium+

Price: $8.3

Source: Self purchased

After the success with the “My Father” line, Jaime introduced in 2010 (a year later than what it was expected) his newest creation, named after him, the Reserva Especial. Like all the previous projects, this one is a work of art as well. The stick looks and feels great with its dark and velvety wrapper with only a few small veins running across. The beige, maroon, gold and blue ring, compliments the cigar and fits perfect to its name.

Only good things I have to say for the construction of this puro, it’s packed with tobacco, no soft spots at all and it has a triple cap which seems to be the Garcias signature. The aroma that comes from the wrapper is very faint and from the foot I pick up sweet tobacco. I make a straight cut, and I find the draw loose and earthy.

I fire it up and …wow. Sweet cocoa and a little cedar on the background that lasts all the way to the midpoint of the smoke. Then, the wood flavor starts picking up and slowly becomes the dominant one while the sweetness lays back and a little spice raises the strength. Going towards the end, the cigar changes character and becomes earthy, later, it will go out with no other changes.

The stogie lasted about one hour. Nice even burn with no corrections. It was producing a lot of smoke and the white ash was holding for over an inch each time. I think that the price might be a little high for the size of the cigar and that is my only complaint.

Overall, the Jaime Garcia – Reserva Especial is a very well balanced cigar that is complex and needs your attention at all times and with that price tag I recommend you do it. You should definitely give it a try next time you’ll find it on your way.

Man O War Armada

Posted in Cigar Reviews on January 24, 2011 by MIKE

Today I’m reviewing the Man O War Armada by A.J. Fernandez. This is another cigar in the Man O War line that is an CI exclusive. It’s has a limited ligero Ecudorian Sumatra Maduro wrapper with a ligero filler from Esteli and Ometepe. It has a viso Jalapa binder. Let’s see what I think of the Man O War Armada.


Shape-Toro Grande

Wrapper-ligero Ecudorian Sumatra Maduro

Filler-ligero Esteli/Ometepe

Binder-viso Jalapa


Pre Light- Hints of a barnyard off the wrapper with a pepper note on the foot. The cigar is constructed beautifully and is very dark and oily. The cold draw is perfect and you are hit with a strong pepper note.

1St Third- Ok immediately you get hit with this strong black pepper note, right away you can notice the strength of this cigar. I’m also picking up a nice cocoa note on the retrohale as well as a leather note in the background. Burn is going great and the ash is a dark gray color holding on about 1 inch.

Midway- Know the pepper has subsided but remains there not as noticeable as first third. I’m picking up a sweet spicy note along with a nice mild wood note. The leather has left and the cocoa as well. the sweet spicy note is mild thru the nose. This cigar is still strong but to me not as over powering as say the (Air Bender or Quesado Tributo) but you know you are smoking a fuller body cigar. The strength really doesnt take away from the flavors which is awesome. I did have to touch up the cigar a few times but it was very minor.

Final Third- Well nothing has really changed from thew midway point still getting that nice sweet spicy notes and the wood notes as well. I have to say this is a full body stick but like I said earlier there are stronger smokes out there. Burn didn’t need anymore attention and the ash was great.

Conclusion- This is a really damn good stick full body and strength not over powering were you will miss the flavors. I still have to admit the Ruination remains my favorite but the only down site to this cigar I have to say is the price and I believe it has to do with the special wrapper. So if you haven’t tried this cigar go out and get your hands on this stick and remember Enjoy Your Smokes.

La Libertad (Guest Review)

Posted in Video Reviews on January 21, 2011 by MIKE

Today I was happy to have Mike from Stogie Review with me for another review. The last time we did a review we smoked a Villiger cigar and it just so happened we did it again. Today we are reviewing the La Libertad by Villiger. It is a Dominican blend with Peruvian wrapper and fillers. See below if this Villiger cigar was better than the first Villiger we smoked.


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