Alec Bradley New York

Congrats to the winner of the 3 pack giveaway of the Alec Bradley New York. The lucky winner was picked once again by my girlfriends daughter and that person is JohnG. Please email me your address and I’ll get the 3 pack out to you. Thanks to all who commented.


First thing I want to mention is I had a problem producing video with green screen so I scrapped it, I don’t want to put a crappy video up for you to view. Ok with that out-of-the-way today I review another N.Y. exclusive its the Alec Bradley New York. It has a Criollo 98 wrapper and binder with a filler from Honduras and Nicaragua. Take a look below and see what I thought, also I want to say thanks to Avery for lending a hand with my sign off. Also I’m going to give away a 3 pack to anyone outside of N.Y. just by leaving a comment, my reason for out of state is you can only buy in N.Y so please those of you in N.Y that follow this site please dont be mad.


32 Responses to “Alec Bradley New York”

  1. Craig Frasa Says:


    Nice review! I’m a big AB fan and sure wish they would sell these here in Michigan…..

  2. Thanks for the review and contest. NY will always be my home, even though we moved to Tampa four years ago, but I do not miss getting up 4am to shovel snow and ice in order to get to work. Those taxes on cigars would have also driven me nuts already. I feel for you. The cigar looks and sounds great. Chocolate covered cherry flavor is a great flavor profile. Thanks again.

  3. “…fuck it, I’m just gonna do it.”

    Thanks. Now I have to clean the coffee from my monitor =P

    I would love to try these but having won something recently, I’m (painfully) going to have to say don’t enter me in the drawing. But I did want to let you know that as usual, I really enjoyed the review. And, tell Avery he did a great job!

    Puff on, bro!

    • Speaking of prizes…

      I just went out to smoke and found a package on my front porch the mail carrier had left. YES! =)

      Thanks again to you and Badger’s for the contest and the prizes, and thanks for the extra care in packaging them!

    • Glad it got there safe pal hope you enjoy.

    • Sorry Jake but anyone who comments gets entered. Lol. Glad you continue to support the site. Have a great day.

  4. Man, rolling out the contests, nice job. Good review and again its great that ciagr companies are trying to help out NY B&Ms. Love AB cigars.

    ” You should see the Empire state building protruding from my big head”. Classic.

  5. I would love to get my hands on a 3 pack of these!

  6. I would love to get a 3 pack of these!

  7. Nice review,I feel for you bro.Good smokes aren’t that cheap anyway so I know the extra taxes make even tougher.Keep up the good work and thanks for the contest.

  8. really nice reveiw keep them coming as for outa state hows outa the country (fingers crossed)

  9. Good work as usual Mike, and Hats off to Alec Bradley for bringing attention to this absurd taxation. Something needs to be done, it’s only a matter of time that other states will follow suit. Hook me up with some free stogies Mike!

  10. This a cigar i would love to try. Probably because i can’t buy Can’t wait to see the changes comin up. I’ll be paitently waiting. ;)

  11. Thanks for the review Mike.

  12. Don’t enter me in the drawing, just wanted to say another nice review! I got the molasses at the beginning and then it was mostly the dry woody taste.

    No burn problems at all. I am right with you on the medium to high medium but it is a smoother smoke with not a whole lot of spice to it so it makes it nice.

    Keep up the good work noob :)

  13. Mike,
    I really like your reviews and honest opinion. Keep up the good work.

    • Gary I appreciate that all I do is give honest reviews we all will not agree but remember just because I like or dont like a particular cigar everyone should try and get their own opinion out of a cigar. Thanks for commenting and hope you continue to support and enjoy my site.

  14. Bob Moscow Says:

    Enjoyed the review! You’ve got a unique style, fun…thanks! Just back in Moscow in cold Russia after visiting the good ole’ USA in beautiful PA and NYC….sure was nice to be back home. Wish I could receive anything good like some wonderful smokes even if I did win your great contest…but not likely here! Later bro!))

  15. Mike, another great review. I have really enjoyed your site and your style over the past few months. Thanks for turning me on to the Epernay, you’re dead on about it being a killer stick. I hadn’t seen em around here but was able to get them online. How about a little tour of your mancave and humidor. I’m especially interested in what you use for smoke eaters. Thanks again.

    • A humidor tour will be comng in the future as for a smoke exhaust I use an exhaust fan that sucks smoke out and brings in fresh air you can find them in home depot. As for smoke eater I just use a basic homes air purifier seems to work good for the garage. Hope that helps.

    • Thanks Bro. I need to look into the fan.

  16. Michael Says:

    Nice review. Appreciate your approach to it.

    Mike from NC.

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