Opus X Lost City (Dual Review)

Today I was lucky to have my friend Daryl join me once again and also donate the Opus X Lost City. The Opus X Lost City is a Dominican Puro that was produced by the Fuente family as a token to Andy Garcia the actor who was filming the moving at their farm, hence The Lost City. Check out the video and see what we thought.




18 Responses to “Opus X Lost City (Dual Review)”

  1. Another great review guys really enjoyed it. Opus X is a great line and A cigar I often choose for special occasion’s. I would agree with them having to much glue I have come across it a few timed as well it must be a production issue. I’m glad you took the time to sit out I’n the cold !

  2. Great reviews guys,sounds like a great stick but a little out of my price range.By the way,what was the picture on Daryls cup he kept showing it to the camera but I could’nt tell what it was.Also a little B&B is great for a sore throat.

    • That’s funny you ask I didn’t even notice he was showing his cup. It’s a picture of stewie from family guy there is a scene were steaks takes steroids and gets all jacked and we call Daryl stewie because he is into working out. Nice catch.

  3. Daryl aka cigarlifter Says:

    I loved the Opus X Lost City. Right on with your comments. It happened to me the same way. Cayenne pepper and too much glue. Best review I’ve seen so far but then I may be bias. Keep up the great work guys. Was that my other brother Daryl with you? Where was Larry?

  4. I have a couple of things here, first being how much I really like your video reviews. I know they’re somewhat of a PITA to do but know that most of us enjoy the hell out of ‘em. 100 points to Gryffindor for having the cajones to do this one outside.

    Secondly, I hope you realize how lucky you are to have a neighbor like Daryl that enjoys the same things you do, at least one anyways. My next-door-neighbor (finally) bought a bike last summer after years of talking about it. We’ve had a lot of fun riding together. As much as I like to ride alone, it’s pretty sweet having him right next door for times when I don’t.

    Daryl – Great job on the review! Especially for doing so while not feeling 100% up to snuff. And thanks for being the neighbor with which we should all be blessed. A true BOTL.

    • Jake I always look forward to your comments. I do so know how lucky I am to have a friend like Daryl he and I are very much alike. I am also lucky to have all my viewers who continue to support this site and let others know. As long as u keep watching I’ll keep freezing. Thanks pal

  5. great review, If Daryl only had an accent he would be your equivalent to Ed on toms site. Lmao!!!

  6. As always I enjoyed the review. Glad to see Daryl is starting to feel more comfortable doing reviews on camera. It takes quite a few before it stops feeling awkward.

  7. Thanks for the review. For anyone really you should check out the movie The Lost City its a nice movie. With the Dominican Republic has Cuba a little before the revolution and a little after. With Bill Murray, Dustin Hoffman has Meyer Lansky.

  8. I also commend you guys for braving the elements and enjoyed the review. I have one of these in my humi just waiting for the right time. Because of your review that might be sooner than later. The camaraderie between the 2 of you is commendable and fun to watch….

  9. Nice work as usual Mike, sounds like a good smoke, but at that price point, I cant see myself buying too many. Upstate NY? Where’s the snow? Looks like the lawn needed to be mowed! Burried in snow over here in Maine.

    • Aaron like we said in video we were lucky to be able to do video outside we just got a foot total of snow this week with more coming next week. Thanks as always for the support.

  10. Great review, love the video reviews. Im sure they are a pita especially outside on the east coast! Great neighbor and friend to get you one, can’t believe you didnt splurge for the box, haha. Keep up the reviews, loving the site.

  11. Nice review guys. Someone need to build a shed and put a heater in it to smoke in :)

    Nice sounding cigar that would be good for a special occasion but nothing regular due to the price.

    Keep the joint reviews coming!

    No snow on the ground….you sure you aren’t in Florida? lol

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