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San Cristobal

Posted in Cigar Reviews on January 17, 2011 by MIKE

I’m reviewing for you today the Ashton San Cristobal made by Jose Pepin Garcia. This cigar is handcrafted in Nicaragua with Nicaraguan tobaccos and wrapper. This cigar is the new size called the Papagayo. See what I thought of the San Cristobal.






Pre light-Perfect construction this cigar is nicely packed with no blemishes or soft spots. A nice smell of sweet tobacco coming off the wrapper and a spicy pepper on the foot which is expected of a cigar by Pepin. The cold draw is very snug and I’m picking up a mild spicy note.

1st Third- Picking up a nice leather note right off the bat along with a pepper note. The pepper isn’t bam in your face its more of a mild white pepper. On the retrohale I’m getting a really nice espresso note which is enjoyable. Draw has opened up and producing a good amount of smoke. Burn is perfect and ash is holding on about 3/4 inch.

Midway- I have to say this cigar so far is very one-dimensional I’m still getting the mild pepper with the leather and that espresso thru the nasal. Nothing has changed so far and I’m hoping to pick up some different flavors in the final third. Burn is still good and draw is going great.

Final Third- Well no changes into the final third for me still peppery with leather and espresso notes. The draw was great and ash held on awesome my one complaint is the band was over glued and it lifted the wrapper as you should be able to see in photo below.

Conclusion- This cigar is not complex, its a straight forward cigar that I personally wished had a little more flavor notes. Over all I enjoyed it and would buy again. If you haven’t tried it please go out and pick up I promise you wont be disappointed but don’t expect a lot of flavor notes.Remember Enjoy Your Smokes.


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