La Libertad (Guest Review)

Today I was happy to have Mike from Stogie Review with me for another review. The last time we did a review we smoked a Villiger cigar and it just so happened we did it again. Today we are reviewing the La Libertad by Villiger. It is a Dominican blend with Peruvian wrapper and fillers. See below if this Villiger cigar was better than the first Villiger we smoked.

7 Responses to “La Libertad (Guest Review)”

  1. NIce review you guys, I think I will stay clear of this one. I hate it when I spend $7 on a cigar and then don’t enjoy it. I feel like I waste my money if I pitch it early on. But it’s just as bad to finish it, not enjoy it, and have a crappy taste in my mouth.

  2. Love the honesty. Even though the cigar didnt perform well you still said what you felt. Keep it up.

  3. Great review guys. I really enjoy the joint reviews. I have had that cigar and was equally not impressed. I considered it ok but not a cigar I would buy. Love the humor, you guys work well together.

  4. Bob Moscow Says:

    You two are awesome together man…my favorites!)) Wow! Keep up the great work, for those lonely and a world away from home! Thanks!

  5. Yall are great! You two are my favorite reviewers individually, because you come across as guys that I would smoke and shoot the shit with in my own backyard. When yall are together you’re awesome, but not too lucky with the smokes you choose to review.

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