Acid Kuba Kuba (Stogie Challenge)

So you may be wondering why is Mike reviewing a infused cigar well my good friend over at issued a challenge and I accepted. So today we review the Acid Kuba Kuba as you all may know this is one of the best selling infused cigars out there. So see what I thought of this cigar and also when you are done here go to Tom’s site because I to issued a challenge and he accepted.

22 Responses to “Acid Kuba Kuba (Stogie Challenge)”

  1. nice you win round one to you keep up the good work

  2. Daryl aka cigarlifter Says:

    ok I used to smoke Acid cigars all the time and loved them. Once I began to expand my pallet and smoke stronger cigars I lost my appeal for the infused cigars, Good honest review. Women do like the smell, I’d try one again down the road as I used to really enjoy them.

  3. I tried couple times to grab and try one of those so I can have an opinion but I regretted it last minute, I ask a guy once at a shop that was getting them “by the pound” what they taste like and he said: ” the very same way they smell” …I think it might be to much for me too!

  4. Way to man up and take the challenge. Gotta say Ive never been a fan of the infused cigars. BUt to each their own. Nice job.

  5. Good job Mike,that had to be the most painful reviews I have ever seen.I thought I was going to vomit.I tried one of those acid cigars a while back and it took days to get the taste out of my mouth.

  6. Oh yea, smoke that flower LOL

    First off, I dont think that was the final third so I think you should redo the review and nub that bitch =)

    Secondly, bash the hell out of it ya pussy. I think those infused cigars suck ass. I do like the Gurkha Grand Reserve with cognac and I can handle the Maker’s Mark infused but this flowery crap just sucks balls.

    Oh and the Wine flavored cigars are okay too although they taste like grape bubble yum. LMAO

  7. matt maronna Says:

    I think for me it was more clove than flowery, granted it was 3-4 years ago that I smoked it. To me it made the saliva in my mouth turn to simple syrup I didn’t even want to attempt to swallow that. I bought it on recommendation from the tobacconist, the smell permeated through the bag and was making me ill, I smoked it out of spite to get the smell out of my office.

  8. This is what I have in my notes:

    “Right in line with other ‘blue’ Acids, but a tad on the sweet side. Wrapper has a Sweet & Low taste that sticks around for awhile. Maybe too long.”

    I know you said you won’t ever try one again and I’m not trying to change your mind, but the Kuba Kuba Maduro has NO Sweet & Low taste to speak of and is nowhere near as sweet as a regular Kuba Kuba. I like to mix things up every now and again and toast & roast an Acid, but I prefer the Atom Maduro over all I’ve tried so far. But, like you said, to each his own.

    My “rock” said the smell reminds her of incense and bathroom cleaner. I don’t think she’s a fan =P

    As always, keep the good work up and your meals down!

    • Jake thank for your insight on this stick like I said not a fan of the infused but I do see a place for this for some people.

  9. The look of disgust and distain on both of your faces was pretty hilarious, especially Tom. He didn’t look too happy. I don’t know why you do this to each other but the videos were very amusing. Thanks for the reviews. I very infrequently smoke an infused cigar but occasionally, as a change of pace, one of these type of cigars I do smoke is the Maduro version of the Acid Kuba Kuba. You absolutely have to be in the mood and prepared for the experience. Like you said, very sweet and aromatic.

  10. I never used the LOL in my life until now.Because I actually did.So funny.Good way to unwind after a snow driven week.What a good laugh.Thanks Mike.

  11. I give you credit for following through with the challenge, can’t say that I would have. I think the only infused cigar that I recall enjoying was the Gurkha Grand Reserve. Keep up the great work here, I enjoy the web page very much.

  12. Good work Mike. I asked if you would review the Kuba Kuba, and you did. That’s what having a cigar review site is all about. Sometimes ya gotta review stuff that is popular, but isn’t up your alley. You have passed this challenge with flying colors.

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