5 Vegas Gold Maduro

I was gifted this cigar by my good friend Daryl and asked to review, so let’s see what I think of the 5 Vegas Gold Maduro a Cigar International exclusive. It has a Pennsylvania Broad leaf wrapper with Honduran and Nicaraguan long-fillers.



Wrapper-Pennsylvania Broad-leaf

Filler-Honduran/Nicaraguan Long-fillers



Pre Light-This is a very dark and oily toothy wrapper with a solid construction. I found zero blemishes and a perfect triple cap. I was picking up a smell of cocoa off the wrapper with a touch of sweet tobacco on the foot. Cold draw was a tad snug with a nice espresso note.

1st Third-Right away you pick up this very rich tobacco note with hints of espresso and cocoa. On the retrohale I was getting a nice sweetness. Burn on this cigar is perfect clean and crisp. The ash holds on for a good inch and is very dark.

Midway-I notice that this wrapper is very toothy and you can feel the sandpaper likeness to the wrapper. Burn started to get very wavy here at the midway point and needed a lot of attention. Flavors continue to be really great still getting that espresso and cocoa note. I’m picking up a leather note here as well.Still lots of sweetness on the retrohale. My thoughts on the burn issue is that the wrapper is so oily that’s whats making the burn problems.

Final Third-Here the espresso has turned into a nice coffee note not as strong and the cocoa remains still. I’m still getting the leather but started to pick up more of a woody note. The sweet note on the retrohale has turned into a sweet chocolate note.The burn still needs lots of attention and ash holds on very long.

Conclusion-The 5 Vegas Gold Maduro is a great inexpensive stick with tons of flavors and complexity. I don’t usually brag about an inexpensive stick like this but you really need to give this one a try. Ton’s of flavors and just some more attention than normal. Go out and give this stick a try. Remember Enjoy your Smokes.

15 Responses to “5 Vegas Gold Maduro”

  1. Craig (ArmyGLO) Says:

    Nice review on a fairly new cigar that I enjoy. What’s also nice is the price. Might not be a highly complex boutique release but I’m pleased with the return on investment. Thanks for the review.

  2. nice review mike, i’ll have to give these a try as they sound pretty good.

  3. Thanks for this, Mike. I’ve often wondered about the 5 Vegas line and have considered getting some a few times but was always a bit leery (blame bad experiences with Thompson) with them being an “in-house” brand. I’ll have a go at some now. Thanks for guinea piggin’ for us!

    As always, keep up the great work 8^)

  4. Sounds good but cant seeing myself buying a 5 Vegas.Maybe on auction at $3 each.Too many bad apples from that bunch.Thanks for keeping up the reviews.Great job Mike.

  5. I have been tempted to try a couple of these but wasn’t sure if it would provide an enjoyable flavor/taste. Thanks for the review. I will give it a go.

  6. Daryl aka cigarlifter Says:

    I agree. Great smoke and a great price. I’ll have to add this to my list and buy more. I really liked the review and the cigar! Keep ‘em comin.

  7. Nice review, sounds like a good morning cigar. Good price point to pick up a fiver, thanks.

  8. I have not tried the gold maduro, but those who are wary about trying 5 Vegas shouldn’t be. They are great cigars, at the least buy a sampler pack…you will not be disappointed. My favorite is the 5 Vegas Classic, don’t let the low price or fact that it’s a house brand cloud your judgement.

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